Ontario High School

Application Procedure

  • If you are a current full-time Ontario high school student you will use the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) 101 application form - your school will provide detailed instructions on completing the form
  • Depending on your background, you may be required to provide proof of English facility and academic records from studies completed outside of Ontario
  • Your school will send your marks to OUAC - if you have completed or are taking Grade 12 U or M courses at more than one school, you must ensure your current day school has all of your results
  • Conditional offers of admission based on Grade 11 and interim and final Grade 12 U/M marks will be made between late February and late May

Admission Requirements

Admission Category

Required High School Courses

Anticipated Admission Range

Recommended Range for Required High School Courses

Computer Science English, Calculus  Low 90s English – mid to high 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Humanities English Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s
Life Sciences English, Calculus  Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s
Calculus – low to mid 80s
Physical and Mathematical Sciences English, Calculus  Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s
Calculus – low to mid 80s
Rotman Commerce English, Calculus  Mid to high 80s   English – low to mid 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Social Sciences English Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s

While we look at your overall average we consider individual course grades for required courses.

Within these admission categories, some programs may require additional high school subjects as prerequisites for specific courses in first year or for entry into a specific program in second year.  Please see our program pages for high school prerequisites.


  • While the calculation of admission averages may not include Calculus, we will look specifically at your most recent English and Mathematics/Calculus grade for those admission categories which require it.
  • Applicants to the Rotman Commerce program are required to complete an online supplemental application
  • Applicants to the Computer Science program are required to complete an online supplemental application
  • The "Out of school" component of Grade 12 U/M co-op courses will not be accepted for admission purposes
  • Students admitted to the Computer Science Admission Category (CMP1) in September 2020 are guaranteed a place in the Computer Science Specialist, Major or Minor program of choice after first-year, provided that conditions of their guarantee have been met.* Visit the Department of Computer Science website for more information.

English Language Proficiency

  • If your first language is not English, you may need to take an English Language Test
  • If you are required to present proof of English facility, your high school English course result will be considered in the admissions process and calculated as part of your admission average 
  • The Faculty of Arts & Science offers the International Foundation Program, an option for students who wish to attend U of T but whose English skills do not meet the University's entrance requirements

Ranking the Colleges

  • Every Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto St. George student is a member of one of seven colleges
  • Selecting a college is a personal decision unrelated to program choice
  • College ranking is a step on the application, so be sure to learn more about each of the colleges

Application Details and Next Steps Information

*The Computer Science Admission Guarantee and new courses (CSC 110Y1F and CSC 111H1S) for students entering September 2020 is still pending final approval by the University of Toronto Sciences Curriculum Committee