Meet our Recruiters

Our recruitment team provides counselling and advising for prospective students and their parents/guardians interested in applying to the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto.

We encourage you to connect with us and sign up for a video chat. We are here to answer your questions and help you complete your application.

Our recruitment officers are experts in admission requirements for all Canadian and international school systems. If you do not see your region listed below, you can sign up for a video chat with any one in our team.

Recruiter Jan Braun

Jan Braun

Hometown: Osler, Saskatchewan 

I recruit in: Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, the Netherlands, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

Prior to my work as a Recruitment Officer, I worked in student advising across a couple of different divisions at the U of T.  I take my experience as a ‘first in the family’ student, who attended two different institutions in different areas of Canada, to break down barriers to post-secondary education and provide easy-to-access information for prospective students.  Calling on an appreciative style of advising, it’s my hope to explore your options, ensuring that you have the information needed to make an application plan.     

Born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, I’ve lived in Hamburg, Germany, parts of Ontario, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I’ve worn many hats in my life including small-business owner, Executive Director of a small non-profit, director of website development, and dairy farmer. 

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Kelli Brenton

Kelli Brenton 

Hometown: Ontario, Canada 

I recruit in: UK, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Pittsburgh, Ohio and Ottawa, Ontario 

Ask me all of your study abroad, international experience questions and admissions questions! Having participated in exchange, summer abroad and spring break abroad opportunities during my own undergraduate degree, I love to speak about the many global opportunities available to students. With experience working in different universities in Canada and around the world, I know admissions can be a bit complicated – let’s figure it out together! 

Outside of my work, I am an avid coffee drinker and frequent traveler. You can often find me exploring new neighbourhoods in Toronto and looking for the best used-book stores in the city! 

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A&S Recruiter Stephanie Convery

Stephanie Convery

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

I recruit in: Canada (Ontario, Québec, British Columbia), USA (Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, Washington), Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and Singapore  

Being a recruitment officer combines my favourite things – interacting with students, talking about university and campus life, solving admission inquiries, traveling, and meeting new people!  

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies, completed a study abroad program at the University of Copenhagen, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Relations. My professional experience working with prospective and current students allows me to provide you with university life information spanning from the application to your graduation. I look forward to meeting you, answering your questions, and showing you why the University of Toronto has infinite opportunities waiting for you.  

My university experience was more than I could have imagined – I hope to help make your experience the best time of your life too!  

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Headshot of A&S recruiter Vithu Thayalan

Vithu Thayalan

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I’ve had the opportunity to work in Recruitment, Admissions and Residence Life across multiple institutions, which has made me quite passionate about connecting with and supporting students! Having navigated my own university experience as well as supporting hundreds of others, I’m excited to share my knowledge to help provide you with clarification and answers to any questions you may have. 

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Headshot of A&S recruiter Ellen Ocran

Ellen Ocran

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

As an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Officer, my role is to engage communities that have been historically pushed to the periphery, by providing them educational opportunities. As a Black woman, and alum of the University of Toronto, I have the unique privilege of conveying my lived experience to leverage hope and prospects; but I also know how challenging and intimidating institutions can be. I am here to help you navigate these systems. I absolutely enjoy community engagement and working with community stakeholders to open doors for positive trajectories.  

I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Political Science, Criminology Socio-legal Studies and Sociology. My professional experience includes working with non-for profit organizations to bridge systemic gaps and to combat discrimination and oppression. My goal is always to create safer spaces that are conducive to open, honest discussions about how to move from good to better. I always welcome the opportunity to learn more about you! So please feel free to reach out, and know that you have an ally in me. 

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Headshot of A&S recruiter Amy Chang

Amy Chang

Hometown: Daejeon, South Korea

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Human Geography majors at U of T. Now being a member of the recruitment team in the Faculty of Arts & Science, I share my own student life experiences as an alumna and help prospective students with any admission inquiries that they might have!  

I’ve also participated in the student exchange program during my undergraduate degree, so I understand how hard it is for international students to adjust to a new environment – I’ve also been there! Please feel free to ask me anything about Toronto and U of T, including student organizations, clubs and work experiences so that I can help with your transition.   

Outside of work, I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures. Also, when the weather is nice, I like to go for long walks and enjoy the sunshine with a little sip of Starbucks! 

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Headshot of A&S recruiter Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree double majoring in Neuroscience and Cell & Molecular Biology with a minor in Music History. During my undergrad at U of T, I participated in several work study and research opportunity programs, so I love to speak with students about the various employment and research opportunities the Faculty of Arts & Science has to offer! 

As a former out of province student, I understand the difficulties of navigating a new school in addition to a new city (or province). As a Recruitment Officer, I hope to help you make a smooth transition to university and show you all the opportunities the University of Toronto and the City of Toronto has waiting for you. 

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