Arts & Science Council Elections

The Arts & Science Council and its sub-committees are made up of elected representatives. They discuss and approve all academic policy and curriculum for the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Elections for Arts & Science Council

Fall 2020 Elections

Elections were held on October 15 - 16, 2020 for positions on Arts & Science Council and Standing Committees. This included elections for administrative and technical staff, and undergraduate student positions postponed from March 2020, and elections for remaining available undergraduate positions that required a nomination process.

Election Results

Results of elections for Undergraduate Student and Administrative and Technical Staff positions are available for review.

Thank you to all candidates for your participation in this process.

About Arts & Science Council

Please refer to the following documents for further guidance on elections, and for more information on the Arts & Science Council and its sub-committees:

Previous Election Results

All previous election results are available for review.