At a Glance

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts & Science — the heart of Canada’s leading university and one of the most comprehensive academic divisions in the world. The strength of Arts & Science derives from the combined excellence of faculty and students in the humanities, sciences and social sciences.

We value an inclusive and accessible environment. The diversity of educational and research opportunities within the Faculty reflects the complexity of the local and global landscape and the need for innovative, cross-disciplinary and collaborative solutions to tackle today’s challenges.

Faculty members — past and present — include some of the world’s leading scholars and scientists. We take pride in a legacy of innovation and discovery that has changed the way we think about the world. Our research responds to society’s most pressing social, economic and environmental questions and improves the quality of life for today and tomorrow.

Arts & Science students are well informed citizens prepared for success and fulfillment in the global economy. Whether conducting research alongside faculty in the lab, in the field or abroad — A&S students have access to a growing number of small group, experiential and international opportunities that allow them to address complex issues at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Every day, in every sector, more than 260,000 Arts & Science alumni in more than 190 countries are making significant contributions to their communities and the world. Whether it be government, industry, business, scientific research, arts and culture, education, health, human rights, social innovation or something else entirely, Arts & Science graduates are making an impact.