Important Deadlines

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Here are a few important dates and deadlines to help guide you through the application process. You will receive more detailed instructions after you receive your offer of admission to further assist you in fulfilling all of your requirements.

If you have questions about applying to the Faculty of Arts & Science, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Information for internal transfer, non-degree, second-degree and part-time students can be found on the U of T future students website


Steps to Complete Your Application Early

Submit your application 
Apply online through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). Visit How to Apply for more details. 

Please note: the deadline to apply for early consideration does not impact consideration of Ontario secondary school applicants. All Ontario secondary school applicants are treated equally during the assessment process so long as their supporting documents are received by the regular deadline.  

Nov 7 Jan 12  (extended to Feb 1 for transfer students and internal transfer students only)
Submit required documents 
Complete your application by submitting all required documents listed on your JOIN U of T Portal, including English Language Requirements. 
Dec 15 Feb 1
Complete supplemental applications (if applicable) 
If you are applying to the Computer Science or Rotman Commerce admission categories, and/or to Trinity or Victoria College, complete your supplemental applications. For more information, visit:

Some First-Year Foundations Ones Programs require a supplemental application. Deadlines and application processes vary:

  • Apply for Munk One through your JOIN U of T portal 
  • Apply for St. Michael’s College (SMC) One through your JOIN U of T Portal
  • Apply for Trinity One through their website  
  • Apply for Vic One through their website 
  • No application is required for Innis One, New One, UC One or Woodsworth One. You simply enrol with your other courses in July 

Visit the First-Year Foundations Ones Programs page for more information. 

Dec 15 Feb 1

Munk One and SMC One: 

  • Round 1: March 2
  • Round 2: April 6
  • Round 3: May 8
  • Final Deadline: June 8

Trinity One: 

  • Round 1: March 26
  • Round 2: April 30 
  • Round 3: June 4

Vic One: June 20

Complete UTAPS Estimator (if applicable)
Ontario applicants who are eligible for the University of Toronto Financial Aid (UTAPS) must complete the UTAPS Estimator by this date.  
N/A Feb 28
Apply for residence
To qualify for the first-year residence guarantee, you will need to complete the StarRez application on your JOIN U of T portal by this date. 
N/A March 31
Respond to your offer
Deadline to respond to an offer through the OUAC portal.

Non-Ontario applicants:
May 1* 

Ontario applicants:
June 1*

*Or by the deadline listed in your offer letter