Graduate Programs

Arts & Science students are members of Canada’s top research university, with access to unparalleled professional and personal opportunities. Our wide-ranging graduate options include 39 PhD programs, 41 doctoral-stream master’s programs and 8 professional master’s programs across the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Our units are also partners in 11 combined degree programs, one dual degree master’s program and 33 interdisciplinary collaborative specializations. 






Art History x x  
Cinema Studies x x  
Classics x x  
Comparative Literature x x  
Drama x x  
East Asian Studies x x  
English x x  
European, Russian & Eurasian Studies   x  
French Language & Literature x x  
Germanic Languages & Literatures x x  
History & Philosophy of Science & Technology x x  
History x x  
Italian Studies x x  
Linguistics x x  
Medieval Studies x x  
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations x x  
Philosophy x x  
Religion x x  
Slavic Languages & Literatures x x  
Spanish & Portuguese x x  
Women & Gender Studies x x  


Astronomy x x  
Cell and Systems Biology x x  
Chemistry x x  
Computer Science x x x
Earth Sciences x x  
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology x x  
Mathematical Finance     x
Mathematics x x  
Physics x x  
Psychology x x  
Statistical Sciences x x x

Social Sciences

Anthropology x x  
Criminology x x  
Economics x x x
Geography and Planning x x x
Global Affairs     x
Industrial Relations x   x
Political Science x x  
Public Policy     x
Sociology x x  


Collaborative Specializations

  • Aboriginal Health, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Addiction Studies, MA, PhD
  • Aging, Palliative & Supportive Care across the Life Course, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Ancient & Medieval Philosophy, PhD
  • Ancient Greek & Roman History, PhD + History, York Univ. ‐ PhD
  • Bioethics, MA, PhD
  • Biomedical Engineering, MSc, PhD
  • Book History & Print Culture, MA, PhD
  • Community Development, MA, MScPl
  • Contemporary East and Southeast Asian Studies, MA, MGA, MPP, MScPl
  • Developmental Biology, MSc, PhD
  • Diaspora and Transnational Studies, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Earth Sciences & Physics, MSc, PhD
  • Editing Ancient and Medieval Texts, PhD
  • Environment & Health, MA, MSc, MScPl, PhD
  • Environmental Studies, MA, MSc, MGA, MPP, MScPL, PhD,
  • Ethnic & Pluralism Studies, MA, MGA, MIRHR, MPP, PhD
  • Genome Biology & Bioinformatics, PhD
  • Global Health, MA, MSc, MScPl, PhD
  • Health Care, Technology & Place, PhD (admissions have closed)
  • Human Development, PhD
  • Jewish Studies, MA, PhD
  • Knowledge Media Design, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Mediterranean Archaeology, PhD
  • Neuroscience, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Sexual Diversity Studies, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Psychology and Engineering, MA, PhD
  • Public Health Policy, MPP
  • Sexual Diversity Studies, MA, MSc, MPP, PhD
  • South Asian Studies, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Women & Gender Studies, MA, MSc, MScPl, PhD
  • Women's Health, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Workplace Learning and Social Change, MA

Combined Programs

  • Juris Doctor & Master of Arts (Criminology & Sociolegal Studies)
  • Juris Doctor & Master of Arts (Economics)
  • Juris Doctor & Master of Arts (English)
  • Juris Doctor & Master of Arts (European and Russian Affairs)
  • Juris Doctor & Master of Global Affairs
  • Juris Doctor & Master of Public Policy
  • Juris Doctor & Doctor of Philosophy (Criminology & Sociolegal Studies)
  • Juris Doctor & Doctor of Philosophy (Economics)
  • Juris Doctor & Doctor of Philosophy (Philosophy)
  • Juris Doctor & Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science)
  • Master of Business Administration & Master of Global Affairs

Dual Degree Programs

  • Master of Global Affairs & Master of Public Policy (Sciences Po, Paris)