Support for A&S Instructors

The Faculty of Arts & Science remains focused on providing tools and resources to help academic units and instructors navigate the Covid pandemic. As you work hard to support students to continue and progress in their studies, a concerted effort will be made provide updates about the teaching supports available. Please check the Instructor FAQs for the most up-to-date information. 

Fall 2021 at U of T

Given the importance of in-person learning to the student experience, the Faculty of Arts & Science is planning for most Arts & Science courses to take place in person this fall. However, as always, our planning will continue to be informed by Public Health guidance. Read the latest update from Dean Melanie Woodin. For the most up-to-date information, please check the Instructor FAQs and the Undergraduate Student FAQs.

Summer 2021 Session

All A&S courses and their components will be offered remotely in the Summer 2021 Term, with the exception of courses approved by the Dean’s Office for in-person delivery. The limited number of A&S courses approved for in-person during the summer session are only those courses where the learning objectives cannot be achieved virtually and that meet the limitations outlined by Public Health and the Government of Ontario. These courses will be carefully managed according to public health guidelines for essential instruction to prioritize and maximize student and faculty safety. These too are subject to change according to public health guidelines. Please continue to check the Instructor FAQs and the Undergraduate Student FAQs for current information.

Online Learning Academy

This instructor-to-instructor network is here to help you deliver online teaching that enhances student learning and the student experience, share knowledge with fellow instructors, and draw on expertise when you need it.

Front of Sidney Smith Hall building covered in snow.

Academic Handbook 

The A&S Academic Handbook provides essential information about rules, regulations and expectations for undergraduate teaching in the Faculty of Arts & Science. 

Teaching & Learning Resources

Learn more about the many supports and resources available to support your teaching, including funding opportunities, events and programming and more.