Student Profiles

A photograph of Jonathan Rose sitting in the Victoria College quad, in the spring time. He is wearing a backpack, smiling and is surrounded by multi-coloured tulips.

Jonathan Rose

3rd Year, African Studies and History
Undergrad Highlight: International Course Module to Rwanda

When Jonathan arrived at U of T, he wanted to challenge himself throughout his undergrad. By taking advantage of the student support systems available to him, he quickly learned how to study well and use his time in a constructive manner. As a result, he had the opportunity to participate in an International Course Module to Rwanda and study life after genocide. “During my international experience, I realized that I want to be as inclusive as possible in everything that I do. Rwandans believe in togetherness and being one, while living in North America I find that our culture is more individualistic. I really saw the benefits of coming together as a community.” Not only did this experience complement Jonathan’s studies but he had the chance to make real-world connections and experience new cultures.  


Evani smiling at the camera with a dark background.

Evani Patel

3rd year, Global Health and Biology
Undergrad Highlight: International Course Module to Greece

Evani chose U of T because she loved the idea of studying in a large city in the world, surrounded by diverse groups of people and opportunity. Along the way, she has had many incredible experiences, including being part of a global health research course that took her and a few of her peers to Greece. “This experience not only showed me the challenges within that country but it also allowed me to compare and contrast the health care systems in both Greece and Canada,” she explains, adding that there were many other benefits as well. Not only did she learn how to forge equitable partnerships, approach a community and get community members involved in all stages of a research project, she also believes this opportunity taught her to be a more principled and holistic researcher. 


Michaela smiling and looking up towards the top left hand frame. She is sitting down, against a white backdrop wearing a white shirt.

Michaela Fuchs

4th year, History and Political Science
Undergrad Highlight: Work experience that helped shape her future

Michaela chose to study at U of T knowing that an academic experience in a world-class city would provide her with unlimited opportunity (and be a big change of pace from the small town she grew up in). One of the highlights of Michaela’s undergrad has been the work opportunities through U of T. “Work study positions have not only offered me skills applicable to the real world, but also allowed me to gain a network foundation that has led to further career opportunities.” 

Michaela feels more prepared to transition from university life to a career thanks to work-study positions that have taught her relevant and complementary skills.


A photograph of Karol smiling at a friend.

Karol Andrade Bohorquez:

3rd year, Fundamental Genetics
Undergrad Highlight: Lab work that broadened her research experience

Though Karol moved from Ecuador to begin her studies at U of T, she credits the friendly and diverse Canadian culture for helping her adjust to life in Toronto. “Initially I was afraid to ask for help, but I realized that recognizing you need help makes you stronger. So during first year I received a lot of help from my college community, from my Registrar, from my professors and from my friends.” 

Now Karol works closely with her professors in their research labs, becoming well-acquainted with a research-focused work environment. She says ones of her coolest experiences was working with cutting edge genetic technology that aims to one day cure many genetic diseases.