Academic Advising and Support

As an Arts & Science student, you have access to a wide range of academic advising and support services. In most cases, your College Registrar's Office is the best place to go for academic advice. See the breakdown below to find out where to go for answers, support and advice. 

College Registrars' Offices

  • First stop for students seeking academic, financial or personal advising
  • Degree planning
  • Course enrolment and Program enrolment
  • Learning strategies
  • College scholarships and awards
  • Applications for need-based bursaries
  • Petitions to the Faculty of Arts & Science

Office of the Faculty Registrar

  • Course calendars
  • Final exams, conflicts and re-reads
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfer credits
  • Academic standing, probation, suspension
  • Graduation requirements
  • Fees assessments
  • Faculty scholarships and awards
  • Questions about Degree Explorer
  • Transferring to Arts & Science from another U of T faculty
  • Applying to the Faculty of Arts & Science


    English Language Learning

    • Support for students whose first language is not English (ESL or multilingual students)
    • Support for native English speakers who want to improve their English language skills
    • English-language workshops
    • Language courses
    • Reading and writing resources
    • Peer mentor programs

    Student Academic Integrity

    • Advising related to academic misconduct
    • Academic-integrity expectations
    • Information on the academic misconduct resolution process

    Academic Units and Program Offices

    • Program requirements, exclusions, prerequisites
    • Departmental scholarships and awards
    • Research opportunities
    • Internships, externships, experiential opportunities
    • Career advice