Social Sciences Admission Category

You've shown an interest in pursuing a program of study in the Social Sciences Admission Category in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Learn more about this area of study, and the many other programs in this admission category below.

Things You Need to Know

OUAC Admission Code: TAX (Social Sciences)
Approximate Admission Range: Low to mid 80s

Admission Required High School Courses Recommended Minimum Range for High School Courses Recommended Minimum Range for Required High School Courses
Ontario High School & Other Canadian Provinces 
Admission Requirements
English Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s

US High School Admission Requirements

English Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s

International Baccalaureate (IB) Admission Requirements

English HL or S Low to mid 30s English HL or SL - 5 to 7
Math HL or SL – 5 to 7

British Patterned Admission Requirements

English GCSE

“A”s and "B"s or 9s to 6s at GCSE level

Predicted “A”s and "B"s at A level

English: "A" or "B"  or 9 to 6 at GCSE

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Admission Requirements

English “I”s and “II”s English CSEC or CAPE: A, I or II

Other International School Admission Requirements

English N/A  N/A

Reference letters, personal statements, or supplemental applications are not required for admission into Social Sciences.

Since you are admitted to the general Social Sciences admission category, during your first year you will not be enrolled in a specific program. This means that during your first year, you are able to explore a number of different areas of study. You apply to a program (e.g. major in public policy) at the end of your first year, and can combine programs outside of your own admission category, excluding programs in Rotman Commerce.

It is important to note that in addition to the courses required for admission into the Social Sciences admission category listed above (English), some programs of study may require you to take additional specific high school subjects in order to take specific courses in first year, or for entry into that program in second year.  

For example, if you are interested in public policy, you will not only need English (which is required for admission into Social Sciences), but you will also need grade 12 mathematics/calculus or equivalent to be able to enrol in this program. 

Step 1: Search for your desired program of study (e.g. public policy) under Program Area in the Academic Calendar

Step 2: Find the prerequisite courses you will need to take in your first year

Step 3: Find the program admission averages

Note: You can often locate the prerequisite courses and program admission averages under the following sections:

  • enrolment requirements in the program accordions
  • high school pre-requisites and first-year requirements
  • program requirements

Social Sciences (H.B.A) Program List

Legend: Bio: Biology; C: Calculus and Vectors