Research Opportunities

Arts & Science students have access to different types of research opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Some students participate in research courses while others go abroad. Learn more below.

male student wearing lab coat in a research lab

Research Opportunities Program

The Research Opportunities Program gives you a chance to work on a research project with a professor for course credit during your second- and third-year. Research projects are available in various disciplines and academic programs — you may find yourself researching the lives of ancient Athenians (Classics) or examining the root causes of memory loss in amnesia (Psychology), to name just a few projects.

students on an international research excursion

Research Excursions Program

The Research Excursions Program provides an opportunity for you to participate in a practical or experiential off-campus research activity under the supervision of a faculty member in your third year. Conduct research in archives, laboratories, libraries or field sites — but not in a classroom. Examples include:

  • Collecting Late Cretaceous fossils in the badlands of Alberta, Canada (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
  • Excavating the ancient Minoan harbour town of Palaikastro, Crete, Greece (Art History)
  • Studying the connections between language, culture and education in Bungoma County, Kenya (African Studies)
  • Using forensic geophysics to find the hidden graves of the gold rush in Yukon, Canada (Earth Sciences)
Professor William Ju and his students

Upper-Year Opportunities

Many departments offer summer research programs for undergraduate students. In addition, the teaching hospitals near campus also offer summer research opportunities for Arts & Science students. Connect with your department or the hospitals for details on summer research opportunities.