College Registrars' Offices

As an Arts & Science student, your College Registrar's Office is your hub for academic advising, support services, information and advice of all kinds. You should consult your College Registrar's Office as soon as you encounter any problems of an academic or personal nature.

This is also where you can access academic support services such as writing centres, math aid centres, and computer facilities. And remember, no matter which college you belong to, all the courses and programs offered in Arts & Science are available to you.

Services available at your College Registrar:

  • Academic advising, financial advising and personal advising
  • Degree planning
  • Course enrolment and Program enrolment
  • Learning strategies
  • College scholarships and awards
  • Applications for needs-based bursaries
  • Petitions to the Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Requests for change of name or gender

Visit the college websites below to find contact information for each College Registrar's Office.