Academic Integrity Resources

Arts & Science Academic Integrity System

The Arts & Science Student Academic Integrity (SAI) system (VPN required) is the avenue for case management and submission. A&S instructors and academic units can use this system to access templates for communicating with students and submit cases.

If you are entering a case for the first time, please complete the MS Registration Form available on the Academic Integrity SharePoint site. Alternatively, you can also contact your department unit administrative staff to ensure you have access. Please provide your full name, UTORid and email address.

Log in to the SAI

What is VPN?

U of T’s Virtual Private Network (UTORvpn) creates a direct connection to the University’s network, giving your computer a University IP address.

You will sign onto the VPN using your UTORid and password. For more information, please visit Information Security and Enterprise Architecture, or download U of T's preferred VPN software.

Training Materials

Want to learn more about using the A&S Student Academic Integrity System?

The Student Academic Integrity Resources SharePoint offers quick-reference guides, a demo video and other resources to help you get better acquainted with the SAI and its features.

This information is now available to all Arts & Science faculty and staff.

Access training materials for the SAI