Academic Integrity Resources

Here you will find common forms and support documents to help faculty members and academic units in managing academic integrity, especially cases of possible academic misconduct.

Academic Offence Allegation Form

Download and complete this form in full to include when forwarding a case to Student Academic Integrity at the Faculty of Arts & Science. Use the Guidelines for Completing Academic Offence Allegation Form to assist you with completion of the form. Academic offence cases (including the Allegation Form) are to be emailed to

Email Templates to Inform Student of Departmental Resolution or Sanction

Use this template when the Chair or Chair's Designate is able to inform the student of the outcome of a case and any sanction imposed, assuming it is a case where the academic unit has authority to impose the sanction.

Email Templates for Student-Instructor Meetings

Use these templates to invite a student to meet with the instructor to discuss concerns around possible academic misconduct, or to follow up if the student has not responded.