Dean's Outstanding Staff Awards

Purpose of the Program

The Outstanding Staff Awards were established in 1999 to recognize the important roles administrative and technical staff have in fulfilling the faculty's academic mission.

The four awards are:

The Dean’s Student Life Award is given to an administrative staff member who has improved the quality of the student experience in the Faculty of Arts & Science. This award recognizes innovations and demonstrated improvements to the services provided to students. Examples include, but are not limited to, academic counselling, volunteer work with campus organizations, student records and student services.

The Dean’s Outstanding Technical Service Award is presented to a technical staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to technical services and, as a result, has had a direct impact on improving teaching and/or research. This award recognizes, for example, innovative solutions to problems, improvements in efficiency and cost-savings in labs, computer areas and shops.

The Dean’s Outstanding Administrative Service Award is given to an administrative staff member who has earned the respect of their administrative colleagues and whose outstanding contributions to administrative service have made a positive impact on teaching, research or general administration. This award recognizes, for example, improvements in morale, efficiency, cost-savings and superior client service.

The Dean’s Distinguished Long Service Award is presented to a non-academic staff member who, over the course of their years of service to the Faculty of Arts & Science, has distinguished themselves in ways that are beyond the expectations of administrative peers, academic colleagues and students. Award winners are expected to have served in the Faculty of Arts & Science for a period of at least eight years, although this time need not have been spent in a single Arts & Science department. In any one year, provided there are exceptional circumstances, there may be more than one award. Distinguished service includes staff who have provided outstanding service at the departmental or divisional level, but whose impact does not extend beyond the local level. Rank and classification are not critical components of distinguished service; rather, a spirit of generosity, community and dedication to the work, clients and members of the unit are essential criteria.


Staff-appointed administrative and technical employees of the Faculty of Arts & Science who have:

  • Made an outstanding contribution to the faculty’s mission of teaching and research excellence.
  • Earned the respect of their colleagues for their professionalism, teamwork and contribution to morale.
  • Demonstrated their commitment to the Faculty by performing services beyond the requirements of their job responsibilities.
  • Made an impact that has extended beyond their immediate unit or department.

Previous winners are not eligible to win a second award.


The winner in each category will be acknowledged with a certificate and a $500 prize awarded by the dean at a ceremony in the spring.

Nomination Procedure

  • A nomination may be made by U of T staff, faculty, students or alumni.
  • A nomination must clearly state the nominee's merits as outlined in the general criteria, with particular reference to the nominee’s contributions to their respective area of expertise.
  • In addition to the nomination letter, two letters of support from students, staff, faculty or alumni should accompany the nomination. Please refrain from submitting more than two letters of support, as they will not be considered.
  • All nomination packages must include a cover letter of endorsement from the chair, principal or unit head.

Deadline for nominations

Deadline for 2025 to be announced.

Submit nomination packages to:

Administrative Human Resources
Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto
100 St. George Street, Room 2124
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G3

For more information, please contact your administrative human resources representative.

2024 Recipients

Student Life Award Recipients

  • Tamara Ferguson — Department of Psychology

Technical Service Award Recipients

  • Lilian Leung — Department of Physics

Administrative Service Award Recipient

  • Jemima Merisca — Department of Mathematics
  • Meghan Sbrocchi — School of the Environment

Distinguished Long Service Award Recipient

  • Christine Elias — Communications and Public Affairs
  • Angela Hansen — University College (UC)


Student Life Award
  • Naeem Ordóñez — University College
  • Berenice Villagomez — Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Technical Service Award
  • Steven Butterworth — Department of Physics
  • Jason Daye — Innis College
Administrative Service Award
  • Elizabete Lourenco — Department of Italian Studies
  • Jason Phillips — Department of English
Distinguished Long Service Award
  • Sari Sherman — Department of Political Science
Student Life Award
  • Sarah Lee — Statistical Sciences
  • Ben Weststrate — Innis College
Technical Service Award
  • Tatjana Vasic — Cell & Systems Biology
Administrative Service Award
  • Pavithira (Pavi) Chandrasegaram — Computer Science
  • Katrina Mintis — Statistical Sciences
Distinguished Long Service Award
  • David Powell — School of the Environment
  • Brenda Registe — New College
  • April Seeley — Physics
Student Life Award
  • Antonela Arhin — Diaspora & Transnational Studies
  • Eric Correia — Philosophy
  • Kerri Huffman — New College
Technical Service Award
  • Darcy Burns — Chemistry
  • Christine McCaul — Biological Sciences Facility (Cell & Systems Biology/Psychology)
  • Misha Schwartz — Computer Science
Administrative Service Award
  • Alice Chow — Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Carrie Greenop — Office of the Dean
  • Tanya Pitel — Woodsworth College/Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources
Distinguished Long Service Award
  • Alan Lough — Chemistry
  • Maria Leonor Vivona — Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations