Resources & Supports for Faculty

There are many resources and supports available to faculty through the Faculty of Arts & Science and the University of Toronto more broadly. On this page, you will find links to resources in key areas, including a selection of relevant materials and key contacts within A&S and at the institutional level:


Teaching & Learning in Arts & Science

What are the academic guidelines and policies that govern teaching in A&S?

What are the supports and processes for academic integrity at the University of Toronto?

How do course evaluations work at U of T?

What A&S and institutional teaching awards and fellowships recognize faculty?

What supports are there for teaching at Arts & Science and the University of Toronto?

What opportunities are there for pedagogical funding?

Graduate Students & Teaching Assistants

What graduate student supports are available at Arts & Science?

What guidelines are there for graduate student supervision?

What guidance does the University give regarding intellectual property?

What resources are there to help me work effectively with my teaching assistants, and support them?

Resources from the School of Graduate Studies


What research supports are available for Arts & Science faculty?

Community Building

How can I connect with other Arts & Science faculty? What community opportunities and supports are available?

Academic HR Processes

What resources are there to help me prepare for tenure/continuing status interim reviews?

Supporting Students

What resources are available to help me support student learning and mental health?

Support for Courses

Who can help me with the administrative aspects of my course?

Support for Technology

Where can I find support with instructional technology?


Where can I find out about what’s going on at Arts & Science?

Additional Support

All faculty members at the University of Toronto have access to the resources provided by the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD). This U.S. organization offers a range of professional development, training and mentoring opportunities. NCFDD resources are aimed at supporting academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers and provide support for research, writing productivity, improving work-life balance and enhancing teaching. Faculty also have access to a private discussion forum for peer mentoring and problem-solving.

Visit the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity website to sign up using your email address.