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Rotman commerce students will benefit from an innovative and integrative curriculum that presents a global perspective for an enriched professional undergraduate experience. Students will take career-oriented courses in management and applied economics as well as a wide selection of courses in the arts and sciences. The balance assures graduates have a solid understanding of business and modern society along with critical and analytical skills for effective decision-making and organizational leadership.

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Applying to Rotman Commerce

OUAC Admission Code: TAC (Rotman Commerce)

Supplementary Application Form Required: Yes

Admission Category Prerequisites: English and Calculus

Approximate Admission Range: Mid to high 80s

Supplemental Application for Rotman Commerce Admission Category

The supplemental application will be found in applicants' JOIN U of T account after they have applied through the OUAC.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply and submit all requested documents, including the supplemental application, as early as possible. See the recommended early application deadline on the Important Deadlines page.

Alternate Admission Category Form

Applicants applying to the Rotman Commerce admission category in the Faculty of Arts & Science have the option of selecting an alternate admission category for consideration on the JOIN U of T portal after completing their OUAC application.

Selecting an alternate category does not affect students' eligibility to their first choice of admission category. You can select from the four other admission categories at Arts & Science: Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. Computer Science and Rotman Commerce are not available as alternate choices. If you are admitted to an alternate admission category, you may be waitlisted for your first choice and reconsidered at a later time, space permitting.

Please note that selecting an alternate admission category does not guarantee admission. To be considered for your alternate choice, you must meet eligibility requirements and the minimum overall average, including in any prerequisite courses.

Transfer and Second Degree Applicants

Rotman Commerce does not generally accept students with any post-secondary education, transfers from other universities or second-degree students. Students who choose to apply must complete the Form Requesting Special Consideration, available on the JOIN Portal, to be considered for admission to Rotman Commerce. Applicants should use the form to demonstrate why an exception to the rule should be made for them. Combined with exceptionally strong academic history, particularly at the post-secondary level, transfer students may be competitive for admission, dependent on space available in the program.

Admission Requirements by Curriculum:

Students admitted into the Rotman Commerce admission category are guaranteed a place in the Rotman Commerce program beginning in second year, provided that they meet the requirements listed on the Rotman Commerce website.

Since you are admitted to the general Rotman Commerce admission category, during your first year you will not be enrolled in a specific program. This program selection (e.g. management) is made at the end of your first year. Students admitted into the Rotman Commerce admission category are guaranteed a place in the Rotman Commerce program beginning in second year, provided that they meet the requirements listed on the Rotman Commerce website.

As a first-year student, you're guaranteed a place in the Rotman Commerce program of study beginning in second year, provided that you meet a few requirements. Find more about planning for your program of study on the Rotman Commerce website

Program List

After first year, choose to specialize in accounting, finance and economics or management. Explore these programs of study using the links below.

Legend: C: Calculus and Vectors

Program Subject(s) Required in Addition to English
Accounting C
Finance and Economics C
Management C

Meet the Students

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Why study Rotman Commerce at Arts & Science?

Career Coaching

Students have access to one-on-one coaching, networking events and technical training through Rotman Commerce Career Services. The team will help you determine your career goals, develop a job search strategy and connect with the business community. You will also be able to apply for jobs and internships through Rotman's exclusive job and events portal.

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Professional Skills

In addition to a rigorous business curriculum, students benefit from the programs and resources developed by the Rotman Commerce Centre for Professional Skills. You will have opportunities in and out of the classroom to develop a broad range of skills, including writing and presentation skills and fluency with digital tools and platforms through resources like the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab. You will also build the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues, whether in person or remotely. 

Headshot of Rotman Commerce alumna Dunsin Adebise

Path to Success

With a respected business degree from a globally-ranked university, you’ll be in high demand in fields like sales, marketing, accounting and finance. Plus, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue exciting endeavours like entrepreneurship or an MBA. Since graduating from Rotman Commerce, Dunsin Adebise has held executive positions at Amazon, American Express and the Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals, where she also sat on the Board of Directors. Learn more about how your degree will prepare you for success on the Rotman Commerce website

I am grateful to have experienced the Rotman Commerce program in its entirety. The learnings have shaped my experiences and made it possible to easily adapt wherever I am! — Dunsin Adebise