Admission Requirements

Arts & Science admission requirements vary depending on your educational background. Admission requirements are the same whether you are applying to study full-time or part-time.   

High School Students

Select your curriculum to determine admission requirements.

Post-Secondary Students and Graduates

  • If you have completed some courses at an accredited university or Canadian college and wish to complete your degree at the Faculty of Arts & Science, visit our Transfer Students page for admission requirements. 
  • If you have completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited university and wish to pursue a second degree at the Faculty of Arts & Science, visit our Second-Degree Applicants page for admission requirements.
  • If you have previous university experience and wish to upgrade your university record to qualify for graduate school, a professional program or for personal interest, you can apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science as a non-degree student using the Non-Degree Application. Admission consideration is based on your entire post-secondary academic record and your most recent annual average (GPA). 
  • If you are currently enrolled in another post-secondary institution, you can apply to enrol in Arts & Science courses as a visiting student. Learn about eligibility requirements on the Visiting Students Program website

Admission Pathway Programs

If you do not meet our admission requirements, visit our Admission Pathway Programs page for information on programs that may be available to you to help you access our academic opportunities. 

Admission Decisions

Detailed information about the admissions process, from how and when admission decisions are made, to information about alternate and conditional offers and waitlists, is available on our Admission Decisions page.