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The Teaching Technology Support (TTS) team is part of Arts & Science Information & Instructional Technology (IIT), the Faculty's divisional IT team. TTS works collaboratively with A&S and institutional teams to support teaching in the Faculty. Learn more about A&S IT by visiting IIT’s administrative profile.

Support for Online Teaching

Looking for online teaching support?

IIT's How to Keep Teaching Guide covers the key technical aspects of online instruction in Quercus, including:

  • How to record lectures ahead of time
  • How to hold live lectures
  • How to set up online assessments
  • How to conduct virtual office hours
  • How to communicate with students using Quercus
  • How to promote student collaboration online
  • Application best practices

The University of Toronto offers several solutions for hosting video meetings, either for teaching or administrative work. Learn more about video meetings and video conferencing, including Bb Collaborate and Microsoft Teams.

View IIT's How to Keep Teaching Guide

View U of T's Video Conferencing Quick Guide


The University of Toronto currently has an agreement with Crowdmark that makes the tool available via Quercus. Crowdmark is an online collaborative grading and analytics platform that can provide efficiency in exam administration, grading, data recording and analysis and data visualizations of student performance.

Using Crowdmark in Arts & Science

Crowdmark and Final Exams

The option to use Crowdmark for final exams is available to Course Information System (CIS) participants only. Any request for a Crowdmark final exam should be requested through the Office of the Faculty Registrar’s Exam Office.

In all cases, Crowdmark exams cannot have a non-Crowdmark scantron (or any other non-Crowdmark exam component), must be administered as unrestricted, and must be released to students via a direct url.


All scanning of tests administered through Crowdmark must be conducted in-house in order to comply with security and FIPPA issues. Tests should not be sent to external organizations for processing. If you do not have access to scanning equipment in your unit, you may wish to arrange to use the Remark Office.

Approval and Fees

The Faculty of Arts & Science may provide financial support for the use of this tool. The eligibility for recovery of Crowdmark expenditure is determined by Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning, and should be requested before use, unless there is a pre-existing agreement between the unit and Crowdmark.

If you wish to use Crowdmark in your course(s), please contact the Don Boyes (Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning) at assocdeanteaching.artsci@utoronto.ca.


The Teaching Technology Support team in IIT can assist with the set-up of Crowdmark. Please email tts.artsci@utoronto.ca.

Information on how to use Crowdmark

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You can contact the TTS team for consultations and support at tts.artsci@utoronto.ca