Key Contacts

The directory below provides contact information for the dean's office leadership team and the administrative units associated with the dean's office.

To find individual contacts within the academic units of Arts & Science, please refer to the U of T Directory.


Academic Human Resources

The University of Toronto is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty members and academic staff. The Academic Human Resources Office provides support and expertise to academic units on the interpretation and application of policies and procedures governing academic appointments.

The Academic Human Resources Office supports academic administrators and their staff on the full spectrum of Academic HR matters, including recruitment, appointments, tenure, continuing status, promotion, leaves, workload, PTR and retirement. This office also supports academic units in respect of academic unionized employee groups including teaching assistants and course instructors (CUPE 3902, Unit 1), sessional lecturers and writing instructors (CUPE 3902, Unit 3), postdoctoral fellows (CUPE 3902, Unit 5) and those engaged in teaching, demonstrating, tutoring, marking/grading, and/or language instruction in the International Foundation Program and International Summer Academy at New College (CUPE 3902, Unit 6).

If you have any questions or concerns related to the academic staff in your unit, please feel free to contact your Academic Human Resources Officer. To access the Academic HR documents and materials, please visit the Academic HR SharePoint site.

Name Phone/Email Department/ Centre/ Institute/ Program/ College
Academic Human Resources


  • General Academic HR Inquires
Mikael Swayze – Director, Academic HR
  • Academic Human Resources
Madiha Ahmed – Academic Human Resources Officer
  • Data Science Institute
  • Dean’s Office
  • Geography
  • Mathematical Finance Program
  • Mathematics
  • Schwartz Reisman Institute
  • Statistical Sciences
Kirushna Chandramanoharan – Academic Human Resources Officer

  • Centre for Comparative Literature
  • Centre for Jewish Studies
  • Centre for Medieval Studies
  • English
  • French
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • School of Cities
  • Sociology
  • St. Michael’s College
  • Trinity College
  • Victoria College
  • Women & Gender Studies Institute
Sarah Chapple – Academic Human Resources Officer
  • Centre for Ethics
  • Centre for Indigenous Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • German
  • History
  • Italian
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Spanish & Portuguese
Kim Derrick – Coordinator, Special Projects
Sarah Greasley – Academic Human Resources Assistant
  • General Inquiries
Chad Jankowski – Coordinator, Faculty Development
Catherine Maloney – Faculty Development Officer
Ekana Mc Alister – Academic Human Resources Officer
  • Cell & Systems Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Human Biology Program
  • Iranian Studies, Institute of
  • Islamic Studies, Institute for
  • Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
  • Physics
Dylan Michels – Academic Human Resources Officer
  • Anthropology
  • African Studies
  • Caribbean Studies
  • Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
  • Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources
  • Cinema Studies Institute
  • Economics
  • Innis College
  • New College
  • Sexual Diversity Studies
  • University College
  • Woodsworth College
Bashir Mirza – Academic Human Resources Officer
  • Art History
  • Centre for Diaspora & Transnational Studies
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Classics
  • Criminology and Sociolegal Studies
  • Jackman Humanities Institute
  • Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
  • Political Science
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures
Hannah Park – Academic Human Resources Officer
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
  • Computer Science
  • Dunlap Institute
  • Earth Science
  • Institute for History and Philosophy of Science & Technology
  • School of the Environment
Melissa Rotundo – Assistant Director, Academic Human Resources
  • Academic Human Resources
Lisa Wilkes – Coordinator, Academic HR, Equity & Special Projects




Administrative Human Resources

The University of Toronto is able to realize its teaching, learning and research mission with the support and involvement of our highly capable professional, managerial, administrative and technical staff. The retention and recruitment of excellent staff, in combination with ongoing professional development, are key to our staff having satisfying, progressively more responsible and fully engaged careers at the University of Toronto and enabling them to contribute significantly to the University’s achievement of its goals.

The Faculty of Arts & Science is committed to recognizing administrative staff as partners in the academic enterprise. The Administrative Human Resource Services Office is responsible for providing a full range of administrative human resource services to Arts & Science academic administrators, managers and staff. We provide information for non-unionized staff employees (Confidential, Professional/Managerial, Advancement professionals, Research Associates and Senior Research Associates) and unionized staff employees (CUPE 3261 Full-Time and Part-Time and United Steelworkers-Staff (USW) Appointed and Casual).

The Administrative Human Resources group is responsible for providing a full range of human resource services to the Faculty of Arts & Science academic administrators, managers, faculty members and staff. If you have questions or concerns related to your employment, please contact your Human Resources Consultant.

Name Phone/Email Department/ Centre/ Institute/ Program/ College
Kimberly Yeh – Director, Administrative Human Resource Services 416-978-5124
Administrative Human Resource Services 416-978-7343
Heba Bahnassy – Human Resources Coordinator 416-946-7217
Angela Lim – Human Resources Coordinator (416) 978-8664


Name Phone/Email Department/ Centre/ Institute/ Program/ College
Kecha Holland – Assistant Director, Administrative Human Resource Services 416-946-0907
Kylie Diep – Human Resources Advisor 416-978-2281
  • Advancement
  • Dean, Office of the
    • EDI, High Risk, Faculty Support & Mental Health, Offices of
    • Teaching & Learning Support
  • Industrial Relations & Human Resources, Centre for
  • Mathematical Finance Program
  • Woodsworth College
Nathania Ngai – Human Resources Advisor 416-946-7935
  • Comparative Literature, Centre for
  • Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance
  • French/France et du monde francophone, Centre d’etues de la
  • Germanic Languages & Literatures
  • New College
  • Statistical Sciences
Marigold Sobrepena – Human Resources Consultant 416-946-8838
  • Anthropology
  • Cell & Systems Biology
  • Centre for Caribbean Studies
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Faculty Registrar
  • Institute of Islamic Studies
  • Spanish & Portuguese
Sara Tavares – Human Resource Consultant 416-946-8696
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Centre for Indigenous Studies
  • David A. Dunlap Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • School of Cities
  • Information & Instructional Technology Services
  • Italian Studies
Carolyn Wright – Human Resources Consultant 416-946-7214
  • Criminology & Sociolegal Studies, Centre for
  • Diaspora & Transnational Studies, Centre for
  • Economics
  • Data Sciences Institute
  • Governance & Curriculum Services
  • Medieval Studies, Centre for
  • Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
Ann Yang – Human Resources Consultant 416-978-2127
  • Chemistry
  • Global Affairs & Public Policy, Munk School of
    • Asian Institute
    • Asia Pacific Studies, Dr. David Chu Program in
    • European, Russian & Eurasian Studies, Centre for
    • Citizen Lab
    • South Asian Studies, Centre for
    • United States, Centre for the Study of the
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Physics


Name Phone/Email Department/ Centre/ Institute/ Program/ College
Natalia Kinal – Assistant Director, Administrative Human Resource Services 416-978-3906
Daniel Hoverd – Human Resources Consultant 416-946-7766
  • Academic Human Resource Services
  • Art History
  • Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, Centre for
  • Earth Sciences
  • Centre for Ethics
  • Institute for Iranian Studies
  • Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
  • Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society
Becky Lee – Human Resources Consultant 416-978-5611
  • Biological Sciences Facility
  • English
  • History
  • Math
  • Office of Research Services
  • The Robert H.N Ho Family Foundation Centre for Buddhist Studies
  • The Study of Religion
Aleksandra Mosor – Human Resources Advisor 416-946-8114
  • Classics
  • Innis College
  • Jackman Humanities Institute
  • Jewish Studies, Anne Tanenbaum Centre for
  • School of the Environment
  • Slavic Languages & Literatures
Human Resources Advisor Interim contact:
  • Centre for African Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • Faculty Communications and Public Affairs
  • Geography and Planning
  • Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
Monique Roopanram – Human Resources Consultant 416-946-5003
  • Computer Science
  • Linguistics
  • Office of Experiential Learning and Professional Development
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Women and Gender Studies Institute
Guia Stewart – Human Resources & Benefits Advisor 416-864-8471
  • Human Biology Program
  • University College





The Executive Director of Advancement has oversight of two key functions: philanthropy and stakeholder relations in support of the faculty’s and its units’ academic priorities. To facilitate these efforts, the A&S Advancement team engages in the cultivation and stewardship of lifetime interactions with alumni and friends, raising awareness amongst current and prospective stakeholders about the value of investing in the faculty.

Staff have responsibility for fundraising, alumni engagement, advancement communications and special events. The office works collaboratively with the Vice-President, Advancement and the Division of University of Advancement (DUA) to ensure alignment and consistency with the overall goals of the University.

Name Phone Email
Kim Hunt-Rao – Executive Director, Advancement & Assistant Vice President, Advancement College Relations 416-978-0360
Jennifer Cressman – Executive Assistant to Executive Director, Advancement & Assistant Vice President, Advancement College Relations 416-946-8187
Shayla Anderson – Alumni Relations Officer, Innis College 437-788-8845
Catherine Argiropoulos – Associate Director, Advancement, New College 416-978-0310
Barbara Ball (On leave) – Director of Operations 416-946-3118
Marisa Bell-Metereau – Senior Development Officer, Foundations Relations 416-864-8428
Nell Bent – Director of Development 416-946-3267
Andrea Blacker – Development Officer, Innis College 416-978-4492
Courtney Boost – Senior Development Officer 416-946-3923
Michael Campbell – Senior Development Officer, Foundation & Corporate Development 416-946-5397
Suzanne Chalambalacis – Senior Advancement Research Officer 416-946-5194
Alvin Chee – Stewardship Associate 416-946-0518
Orbelina Cortez-Barbosa – Development Associate 416-946-5192
Richard Delisle – Senior Development Officer, Leadership & Annual Giving 416-978-2720
Niamh Earls – Associate Director of Development 416-978-1570
Becky Fallis – Senior Development Officer 416-978-5988
Maria Ferreria – Alumni Relations Officer, University College
Tomas Flecker – Director of Operations 416-978-6318
Joshua Grondin – Development Officer 416-946-5617
Connie Guan – Senior Development Officer, Innis College
Lisa Habib – Events Specialist 416-978-3909
Monica Hahm – Director of Development, Rotman Commerce 416-946-7149
Ramine Haider – Alumni Relations Officer 416-946-8702
Megan McDonald – Associate Director of Advancement, Innis College 437-788-8549
Trish McGrath – Director of Development, School of Cities 416-978-5759
Heather McLean – Director of Development 416-978-1844
Nia Morrison – Development Officer, Annual and Leadership Giving, University College 416-978-3803
Damion Nurse – Development Officer 416-864-8404
Irshad Osman – Senior Development Officer 416-946-3262
Carolyn Peralta – Alumni & Development Officer, Woodsworth College 416-978-5301
Christine Pestano – Stewardship Associate 416-946-3293
Brenda Registe – Alumni Development Officer, New College 416-978-8273
Fatima Sajan – Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts 416-978-5430
Emily Sands – Donor Relations Officer, University College 416-978-0271
Elysha Shklarsky – Development Associate, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Mila Thirasack – Alumni Relations Officer 416-946-5518
Barbara Track – Executive Director, Advancement, Alumni & Communications, Woodsworth College
Lanie Treen – Associate Director, Stewardship 416-978-3482
Eric Vosko – Development Associate 416-864-8405
Jennifer Wells – Manager, Alumni Engagement 416-946-7149
Benjamin Weststrate – Communication Officer, Innis College 416-978-0963
Emily Wilson – Associate Director, Development 416-978-4177



Communications & Public Affairs

Communications & Public Affairs develops communication plans and strategies to support the strategic goals of the Faculty of Arts & Science. We promote the faculty’s reputation via internal and external media. Areas of focus include Arts & Science news and media relations, marketing and design, digital content management and website development. Communications leadership and support is also provided for initiatives arising out of the various administrative units within the Dean’s Office.

We love to tell stories that promote the strengths and achievements of our community. We are audience driven. We use listening strategies and integrated and responsive communications to engage and address the needs of our audiences.

For general communications inquiries, if you are unsure who to contact:

For the academic department web project, or for regular scheduled content updates, errors or inquiries related to the faculty website:

Name Phone Email
Melissa J. Hill – Executive Director, Faculty Communications & Public Affairs 416-946-3085
Sara Cook – Special Projects and Administrative Officer 416-978-5140


Advancement Communications

Name Phone Email
Lucianna Ciccocioppo – Director, Advancement Communications 416-978-4697
Michael McKinnon – Associate Director, Advancement Communications 416-978-5121
Sarah Steed – Associate Director, Advancement Communications 416-946-7038


Communications & Media Relations

Name Phone Email
Lia Quickert – Director, Communications & Media Relations 416-978-5731
Delicia Ansalem – Digital Communications & Social Media Specialist
Sean Bettam – Communications & Media Relations Specialist 416-946-7950
Christine Elias – Associate Director, Communications 416-946-5499
Josslyn Johnstone – Communications & Media Relations Specialist 416-978-1128
Natasha Mendonca – Digital Communications & Social Media Specialist


Stakeholder Communications & Marketing

Name Phone Email
Susan Monic – Director, Stakeholder Communications & Marketing 416-946-7031
Jackelyn Ho – Events Specialist 416-978-6562
Sarah Kennedy – Events Specialist 416-946-5937
Kaitlin Klaas – Associate Director, Digital Communications


Student Communications

Name Phone Email
Robyn Godfrey – Director, Student Communications 416-946-7037
Ann-Marie Colacino (On leave) – Associate Director, Student Communications
Christine Elstub – Associate Director, Student Communications
Sarah Khan – Associate Director, Web & Digital



Dean and Leadership Team

General inquiries relating to the Office of the Dean may be directed to

The Office of the Dean provides overall administrative leadership for the faculty. As defined by University policy, the Dean is the chief executive officer responsible for budget, administration, and academic appointments. The Dean is responsible for leading the formulation of academic priorities and plans, and for ensuring their effective implementation. Academic leadership in the faculty is also provided by seven Vice-Deans and three Associate Deans in the following portfolios: Academic Operations; Academic Planning; Faculty & Academic Life; Graduate Education; Undergraduate; Research & Infrastructure; Student Affairs; Teaching & Learning; Unit-Level Reviews.

The dean welcomes every opportunity to connect with our community, but her schedule and various commitments limit her ability to attend every function. The information that you provide will help us assess your request and better determine the dean’s availability. For any proposed event, please fill out this form at least 8 weeks in advance. If you have any questions, please contact

Name Phone Email
General Inquiries 416-978-3383
Melanie Woodin – Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science 416-978-5413
Daniela Trapani – Executive Assistant to the Dean 416-978-5413
Rebecca Gimmi – International Projects Officer 416-946-7178
Alisa Kim – Senior Writer & Communications Specialist
Victoria Larke – Director, External Affairs and Strategic Initiatives 416-576-7274
Mary Lyne – Chief Administrative Officer 416-978-5141
Erin Macnab – Director, Academic Program & Planning Initiatives



Name Phone Email
Randy Boyagoda – Vice-Dean, Undergraduate 416-978-3453
Gillian Hamilton – Vice-Dean, Academic Planning 416-978-6782
Antoinette Handley – Vice-Dean, Graduate Education 416-978-3453
Jamie Stafford – Vice-Dean, Academic Operations 416-978-3935
Markus Stock – Vice-Dean, College Relations 416-978-7516
Tamara Trojanowska – Vice-Dean, Faculty & Academic Life 416-978-7897
Vince Tropepe – Vice-Dean, Research & Infrastructure 416-978-7897


Associate Deans

Name Phone Email
Don Boyes – Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning 416-978-3453
Bill Ju – Associate Dean, Student Affairs 416-978-3453
Suzanne Wood – Interim Associate Dean, Unit-Level Reviews 416-978-6782


Executive Assistants

Name Phone Email
Carrie Greenop
Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer
Natasha Kolos
Executive Assistant to:
Vice-Dean, Academic Planning
Associate Dean, Unit-Level Reviews
Linda Silmer
Executive Assistant to:
Vice-Dean, Academic Operations
Director, OLA
Alison Terpstra
Executive Assistant to:
Vice-Dean, Undergraduate
Vice-Dean, Graduate Education
Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning
Christine Yarish
Executive Assistant to:
Vice-Dean, Faculty & Academic Life
Vice-Dean, Research & Infrastructure


Portfolio Supports

Name Phone Email
Andrea Benoit – Academic Planning & Review Officer
Caitlin Burton – Manager, Academic Change & Reviews
Pavi Chandrasegaram – Senior Project Manager
Graduate Funding Liaison Officer
Lindsay Jones – Project & Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Education
Gianna Leggio – Academic Planning & Review Officer
Katherine MacIvor – Project & Administrative Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews
Amanda Pullan – Academic Planning & Review Officer
Jamie Quadros – Project & Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Education 416-978-0284
Emma Stromberg – Indigenous Partnership Advisor



Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) office develops and implements initiatives aimed at advancing equity, diversity and inclusion within the learning and working environments across the Faculty of Arts & Science. In collaboration with staff and academic administrators in the Office of the Dean, Human Resources offices and various academic units, the EDI office builds professional development, educational and mentorship initiatives for all levels of the Arts & Science community. It also provides strategic guidance and advice to the Dean’s executive team on matters of policy interpretation and practice concerning accessibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, freedom of speech and freedom of expression for staff, students, faculty members, student associations or clubs and visitors.

Name Phone Email
Bharat Saini – Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion



Experiential Learning and Professional Development

Experiential Learning and Professional Development supports the planning, development, implementation, operation, successful management and evaluation of experiential learning, professional development, upskilling and lifelong learning initiatives within the Faculty of Arts & Science. It provides support to departments and programs in the:

  • development and delivery of experiential learning opportunities, including undergraduate and graduate curricular experiential opportunities, co-op and internships, research and international opportunities, and co-curricular career-engaged learning initiatives.
  • development and delivery of not-for-credit opportunities, including micro-credentials, certificate and other upskilling and student success programs, including initiatives targeted at current undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, industry partners and/or the broader community.
  • development and delivery of support services to graduate students aimed at promoting excellence in graduate professional development and academic success.

The unit comprises the:

  • Office of Experiential Learning & Outreach Support
  • Office of Graduate Professional Development & Student Success
  • Office of Professional & Lifelong Learning
Name Phone Email
Vicki Lowes – Executive Director, Experiential Learning & Professional Development


Office of Experiential Learning & Outreach Support

Curricular Experiential Learning Supports

Name Phone Email
General Inquiries
Colin McMahon – Associate Director, Experiential Learning
Ainsley Goldman – Experiential Learning Educational Developer
Kunyao Kuang – Experiential Learning Coordinator, Research and International Programs
Christine Ovcaric – Experiential Learning Coordinator, Sandbox Program
Teresa Simm – Experiential Learning Coordinator


Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP)

Name Phone Email
General Inquiries


ASIP Employer Relations & Operations Team
Name Phone Email
Shah Sotodeh – Associate Director, Employer Relations & Operations
Christopher Hinves – Receptionist and Office Assistant
Theresa Brown – ASIP Coordinator
Samara Carter – Recruitment Assistant
Panna Chauhan – Business Development Lead 416-946-3937
John Cowling – Business Development Officer 416-978-7312
Aleen Cuaycong – ASIP Coordinator 416-946-3936
Daisy Di – ASIP Coordinator
Iqra Khan – Program Administrator, Employer Relations & Operations
Annie Sun – ASIP Coordinator


ASIP Student Learning & Professional Development Team
Name Phone Email
Libby West – Associate Director, Student Learning and Professional Development
Bayan Akbik – Student Learning & Professional Development Coordinator
Nathy Nesmon – Student Learning & Professional Development Coordinator
Carrie Proctor (On leave) – Student Learning & Professional Development Coordinator
Leneque Wilson – Student Learning & Professional Development Coordinator


Office of Professional & Lifelong Learning

Name Phone Email
Alice Wright – Associate Director, Professional & Lifelong Learning


Office of Graduate Professional Development & Student Success

Name Phone Email
Joel Rodgers – Coordinator, Graduate Student Professional Development



Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance

The Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance Office provides strategic and operational advice on the financial and budget management of the faculty, as well as internal institutional/faculty research data. The Office models, plans and implements the faculty’s operating budget and provides faculty-wide support and advice on the management of research, restricted and trust funds; financial analyses and forecasting; strategic planning and budget analysis; policy compliance and develops and delivers finance and business training seminars for A&S academic administrators and administrative staff.

The Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance Office is also the business support unit for the decanal portfolios and provides business support services to all of the faculty’s units. In addition, the Office provides institutional/faculty/unit data, analyses and web-based custom visualizations to support academic and strategic planning.

Name Phone Email
Horatio Bot – Executive Director, Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance Office 416-978-7412
Carmela Mazin – Director, Financial & Business Analytics 416-978-6482
Mubin Merchant – Director, Planning, Data, and Analysis 416-978-1133
George Taylor – Director, Faculty Budget & Finance 416-978-5432


Business Administration Unit

Name Phone Email
Cristina Huerta – Assistant Director, Finance and Business Administration 416-946-8089
Cassandra Cammisuli – Financial Assistant, Accounts Payable 416-946-3754
Connie Carrozza – Financial Assistant, Business Administration 416-946-3854
Sandra Ragnatt Jackson – Financial Officer, Business Administration & Finance 416-946-7635
Maleeha Khan – Financial Officer, Business Administration & Finance 416-978-5150
Rutendo Mukwekwezeke – Supervisor, Payroll & Accounting Services 416-946-7933
Annette Perry – Payroll Administrator 416-978-2322
Paula Triana – Supervisor, Business & Accounting Services 416-946-5532
Amy Yeung – Financial Assistant, Business Administration 416-946-3782


Business Analytics Unit

Name Phone E-mail
Rajesh Krishnan Nair – Assistant Director, Finance and Business Planning 416-946-3646
Andre Amaral – Financial Officer, Financial & Business Planning 416-978-3496
Mandy Fung – Faculty Finance & Business Analyst 416-946-3748
Ryan McLean – Financial Officer, Faculty Accounts 416-946-3238


Faculty Budget & Finance Unit

Name Phone E-mail
Simran Charaniya – Financial Assistant, Co-op 416-946-3555
Dana Gaiu – Financial Officer, Base Budget & Special Projects 416-946-7295
Jennifer Lee – Budget Support Officer
Lisa-Ann Leung – Senior Finance Officer, Base Budget & Financial Operations 416-946-0886
Eva Song – Financial Officer, Base Budget & Academic Appointments 416-946-7767
Catherine Zhao – Financial Officer, Base Budget & Operating Reserves 416-978-3586


Graduate Administration Unit

Name Phone E-mail
Jessica Finlayson – Financial Officer, Graduate Operations 416-978-3377
Melissa O'Dell – Coordinator, Graduate Student Funding 416-978-6991
Wynne Yeung – Coordinator, Graduate Student Funding 416-978-7904


Planning, Data and Analysis Unit

Name Phone E-mail
David Gasteiger – Planning & Financial Officer 416-978-1398
Tiago Hillerman – Data Analyst, Registrarial Operations 416-978-1952
Mustafa Khan – Data and Systems Analyst 416-946-7627
Candy Lam-Sandico – Faculty Graduate Finance and Data Analyst 416-946-3719
Jason Lu – Data Analyst, Admissions & Recruitment 416-978-8668
Florence Wu – Faculty Financial and Research Analyst 416-978-5414
Lu Zhang – Data Analyst, IDT & Strategic Planning
Julie Zheng – Data Analyst, Graduate Operations


Research & Restricted Accounting Unit

Name Phone E-mail
Rajesh Krishnan Nair – Assistant Director, Finance and Business Planning 416-946-3646
Dominic Goveas – Financial Officer, Research & Restricted Strategic Initiatives 416-946-7934
Bob Liang – Senior Financial Officer, Research & Restricted Accounts 416-864-8481
Alex Protomanni – Financial Assistant, Restricted Accounts 416-946-3752
Arvind Sukumaran – Financial Assistant, Restricted Accounts 416-946-3754



Faculty Registrar & Undergraduate Academic Services

The Office of the Faculty Registrar and Undergraduate Academic Services handles the full range of undergraduate registrar functions for the faculty: recruitment, admissions, transfer credit, registration, timetabling, room bookings, course enrolment, final exams, final course marks and degree assessment, as well as student success programming. The Office works with the College Registrars and academic units to coordinate student advising and the consistent application of rules and procedures across the faculty.

The Faculty Registrar has a broad role to coordinate the implementation of University and faculty policies, and to facilitate the intersection of our students' academic and co-curricular lives.

Name Phone Email
General Inquiries 416-978-3384
Lisa Feng – Faculty Registrar & Director, Academic Services 416-978-1912
Stephen Geigen-Miller – Executive Assistant to the Faculty Registrar & Project Coordinator 416-978-1912
Nevine Chawra – Associate Faculty Registrar & Director, Registrar Services
Victorina Baxan – Associate Director, Transfer Credit 416-946-5567
Ketri Bennett – Associate Director, Welcome Services 416-946-3076
Melissa Clancy – Associate Director, Admissions
Scott Clarke – Associate Director, Student Success Programs 416-946-7051
Katrina Groen – Project Manager, Student Advising Service
Cori Hanson – Associate Faculty Registrar & Director, Student Affairs
Tamara Jones – Associate Director, Enrolment Services & Records 416-978-4626
Terry Lago – Associate Director, Enrolment IT Systems & Processes 416-946-3055
Ting Li – Associate Director, Student Recruitment 416-946-3772
Associate Faculty Registrar & Director, Student Recruitment & Admissions
Kathleen Martin – Associate Director, Undergraduate Awards & Funding 416-946-7014
Kate Nguyen – Associate Director, Relationship Management & Events 416-978-8816
Kathy-Jo (KJ) Pinder – Associate Director, Scheduling & Examinations 416-978-8808
Milad Tabataba – Associate Faculty Registrar & Director, Operations & Project Management 416-946-7005



Governance Office

The Faculty Governance office consists of three sub-units, including Student Academic Integrity (SAI), Petitions, and Governance. The SAI and Petitions units handle a high volume of academic integrity and petitions cases, while the governance unit facilitates the academic change process for the faculty, and conducts the business of faculty council.

Name Email
Lisa Lutwak – Director, Faculty Governance & Curriculum Services


Faculty Governance & Curriculum Services

Name Email
General Governance, Faculty Council and Standing Committee Inquires
Kevin Mak – Associate Director, Governance & Curriculum Services
Maria Belais – Curriculum & Governance Coordinator
Marshelle Woodward – Governance & Curriculum Specialist


Student Academic Integrity

Name Email
General Inquiries
Lauren Vollmer – Associate Director, Academic Integrity & Petitions
Christina Di Matteo – Academic Integrity Specialist
Leslie Durward – Academic Integrity Coordinator
Victoria James – Academic Integrity & Petitions Specialist
Laurie O’Handley – Academic Integrity Specialist
Diane Pacheco – Academic Integrity & Petitions Specialist
Hanna Rashid (On leave) – Academic Integrity & Petitions Specialist


Petitions & Appeals

Name Email
General Inquiries
Victoria James – Academic Integrity & Petitions Specialist
Karla Orantes – Petitions & Appeals Specialist
Diane Pacheco – Academic Integrity & Petitions Specialist
Hanna Rashid (On leave) – Academic Integrity & Petitions Specialist
Nav Uppal – Petitions & Appeals Specialist
Weiqing (Vivian) Zhu – Petitions & Appeals Coordinator



Health & Safety

The Faculty’s Health and Safety Office is embedded in the faculty, focused on the needs of the faculty and working collaboratively with the University’s central Environmental Health & Safety Office. Our Health and Safety team aims to ensure the faculty’s compliance with governmental health and safety legislation, as well as the University’s safety policies and standards.

Our Health and Safety team works with administrative leaders to develop a strong health and safety culture across their units. Information dissemination, training sessions, committee participation, incident follow-up and workplace audits are used to foster safety awareness and best practices. The due diligence activities are designed to ensure that the University takes every reasonable precaution to safeguard the health and safety of faculty members, students, staff and visitors.

Name Phone Email
Christine Weidner – Health & Safety Manager 416-978-8321
Abdullah Parekh – Faculty Health & Safety Coordinator 416-978-3148



Information & Instructional Technology

Faculty IT support is fulfilled by three key groups:

  • Central University Information Technology Services (ITS) for student, faculty and staff institutional wireless and email ( and enterprise applications.
  • A&S divisional Information & Instructional Technology (IIT) services including day-to-day support for numerous units (humanities, social sciences, centres, schools, institutes), Faculty coordination for organizational (ITS) technology initiatives such as Microsoft 365, division-wide technology initiatives as well as ongoing support for UTORMFA token, VoIP/Microsoft Teams Phone, etc.
  • Existing departmental (local) IT support.

IT Support Contact Information Summary

A&S Students:

A&S Faculty and Staff:

  • General central support: For e-mail ( and institutional wireless support, please contact the Information Commons Help Desk as noted above.
  • Central application support: For ESS, AMS, Student Information Systems/ROSI support visit Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI).
  • Instructors:
  • For all other day to day IT support (your computers, printers, servers etc.), contact your local IT department or Information & Instructional Technology (IIT) at:

Please Note:

  • Faculty-wide UTORMFA token and Microsoft Teams Phone/VoIP support is provided by IIT. Feel free to contact us directly versus your local IT department.
  • If you’re unclear about where to go for help, contact IIT for assistance finding the right support team. We are happy to help.

Contact Information

Name Phone Email
General Technical Support
Quercus Support
IIT Escalation Line — for urgent/outstanding issues only; please submit non-urgent requests by email 416-946-0570
IIT Lab Help Line 416-946-4357/HELP
CHASS Data Centre Administration 416-805-2609
Sotira Chrisanthidis – Director 437-777-2564
Deborah BeharrySingh – Sr. Manager, Client Services 647-391-9070
Lareza Lazuardi – Sr. Manager, Applications & Development 416-460-5445
Na Young Lee – IIT Business Operations Lead 416-805-2609
Diana Medeiros – Manager, Product & Delivery Services 416-526-3689
Priya Murugaiah – Manager, Infrastructure 416-978-8239
Thiba Sithiravel – Client Services Operations Lead/ Escalation Contact 416-946-0570
Alicja Wigglesworth – Manager, Educational Technology (ASDO Teaching Technology Support; part of Teaching & Learning) 416-571-4528



Infrastructure Planning

The Office of Infrastructure Planning is responsible for developing strategic physical space services and solutions such as space planning, design and implementation of renovations and new builds for academic and administrative units within the faculty. Staff provide leadership, expertise and assistance on a broad range of activities including university facilities planning, design development, project management, and occupancy coordination for renovation and new building projects.

Preparing space assessments is a core function of the Office: the process is iterative and provides an ideal opportunity to engage units about their space. The final product is a robust document which informs the Office’s project work. Staff liaises with the University’s Facilities Management team to address long-standing concerns to ensure action plans are in place.

This office collaborates with the many university groups and consultants that have a role in planning and construction, such as Campus and Facilities Planning, Facilities and Services, Project Management, Property Management, Design and Engineering and Environmental Health & Safety and guides the process to ensure coordination between the various groups and achievement of overall project objectives.

Name Phone Email
Lucy Chung – Director 416-978-0904
Hibaq Ali – Facilities Designer 416-988-7924
Ashley Barrey – Facilities Designer 416-970-3246
Mariela De Felix – Senior Facilities Designer 416-427-6171
My Linh Elliott – Facilities Designer 416-427-9372
Jeff Fulton – Facilities Coordinator 416-476-3034
Sarah Hinves – Senior Planner 647-326-3716
Anna Merotto – Facilities Designer 416-795-2256
Lisa Neidrauer – Senior Planner 416-347-4392
Shannon O’Reilly – Senior Facilities Designer 437-241-1453
Joanne Peng – Senior Infrastructure Planner / Mechanical Engineer 416-709-1561
Kate Slotek – Senior Planner 416-795-0340



Office of High Risk, Faculty Support & Mental Health

The Office of High Risk, Faculty Support & Mental Health provides guidance and support to the faculty's academic and administrative units on matters related to crisis and issues management and coordinates the development and implementation of faculty-wide issue management and mental health awareness. Members of the Office serve as system navigators that assist members of the Arts & Science community who are experiencing challenge, difficulty and adversity to get connected to appropriate and timely resources and supports.

Name Phone Email
Caroline Rabbat – Director of High Risk, Faculty Support & Mental Health 416-946-4023
Veronica Persaud – Case Manager, Community Safety & Divisional Support



Research Services

The Office of Research Services supports the growth and expansion of funded research, scholarly and creative activities in Arts & Science. Our goal is to help researchers access the resources and supports that are needed to conduct world-class cutting-edge research, and to promote the research excellence of A&S research community members.

Name Phone/Email Key Areas of Support/Department/Centre/Institute
General Inquiries & Internal Research Funds 416-978-6649
Lisa Rumiel – Director of Research Services 416-978-4202
  • Arts & Science Research services, planning, strategy, operations, and initiatives.
Monica Caverson – Associate Director, Strategic Research Development 416-978-4296
  • Key research administration support managing the team of research officers for grant development and editorial service delivery for Arts & Science faculty members in all departments, centres, institutes, and schools. Provides lead support on Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Canada Research Chair (CRC), Ontario Research Fund, and other institutional programs.
Sloane Evariste – Funded Research Officer
  • Key research administration support including grant application development supports and services for St. George campus Arts & Science faculty in the following units:
    • Astronomy & Astrophysics, David A. Dunlap Dept. of
    • Astronomy & Astrophysics, Dunlap Institute for
    • Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
    • Cell & Systems Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
Stephanie Fisher – Social Sciences Partnered Research Officer
  • Key research administration support for St. George campus Arts & Science faculty members who need assistance with research partnership development, and grant development & support for the following funding programs:
    • Connaught Community Research Partnerships Grants (SSH Units)
    • Mitacs opportunities (SSH Units)
    • New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) Grants (SSH Units)
    • Other Special Partnership Grants (SSH Units)
    • SSHRC Partnership Development Grants (All Units)
    • SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants (All Units)
    • SSHRC Partnership Grants (All Units)
Glaucia Lima – Research Partnerships & Business Development Officer
  • Key research administration support for St. George campus Arts & Science faculty members in the area of research partnership and business development, strategy, and promotion with external research partners.
Amanda Mohabeer – Schmidt Futures Postdoctoral Program Manager
Tim Nieguth – Funded Research Officer
  • Key research administration support including grant application development supports and services for St. George campus Arts & Science faculty in the following units:
    • Art History
    • Cinema Studies Institute
    • Classics
    • Computer Science
    • Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, Centre
    • Earth Sciences
    • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    • French
    • Mathematics
    • Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
    • Slavic Languages & Literatures
    • Statistical Sciences
Amy Ratelle – JHI Research Officer
  • Key administrative support for coordinating and facilitating all university-wide Humanities-focused research services programming, workshops, and dedicated research services support for the Jackman Humanities Institute.
Research Awards Coordinator
  • Arts & Science lead on major national and international awards and prizes.
Gabrielle Sugar – Funded Research Officer
  • Key research administration support including grant application development supports and services for St. George campus Arts & Science faculty in the following units:
    • Anthropology
    • Comparative Literature, Centre for
    • Criminology & Sociolegal Studies
    • East Asian Studies
    • Economics
    • English
    • Environment, School of the
    • Geography & Planning
    • Germanic Languages & Literature
    • History
    • Indigenous Studies, Centre for
    • Industrial Relations & Human Resources, Centre for
    • Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
    • Italian
    • Linguistics
    • Medieval Studies, Centre for
    • Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Religion, Study of
    • Sociology
    • Spanish & Portuguese
    • Women & Gender Studies Institute
Megan Tate – Research Operations Coordinator
  • General Inquiries
  • Internal Funding Programs



Teaching & Learning

The A&S Teaching & Learning team offers a range of services to support the development and delivery of teaching and learning activities in the Faculty of Arts & Science. The team offers consultations with instructors and units on all aspects of teaching and learning, including:

  • course development, organization, and delivery
  • assessment and activity design
  • strategies for hybrid and online courses
  • educational technologies, including Quercus
  • teaching awards and grants,
  • academic integrity, and more.

In addition the team provides help with Quercus and other educational technology tools, runs the A&S Digital Teaching & Learning Studio, a free service for A&S instructors interested in video and audio projects, and facilitates regular pedagogical workshops and programming.

Name Email
General Inquiries
Alexandra Logue – Assistant Director, Teaching & Learning Initiatives
Phil Rudz – Service & Technology Delivery Lead
Alicja Wigglesworth – Manager, Educational Technology
Maureen LaPier – Educational & Collaborative Technology Specialist
Leonardo Mancillas Martinez – Educational & Collaborative Technology Analyst
Douglas Orme – Educational & Collaborative Technology Specialist
Carrie Reese – Faculty Liaison, Pedagogical Support
Brian Sutherland – Faculty Liaison, Pedagogical Support
David ter Stal – Educational & Collaborative Technology Specialist
Amy Wong – Educational & Collaborative Technology Specialist
Yiran Zhang – Faculty Liaison, Pedagogical Support