U.S. High School

General Admission Requirements

  • Senior Year/Grade 12 in an accredited high school with a high grade point average. We expect competitive applicants to be enrolled in a rigorous academic course load, and to have taken the highest level of course available to them in pre-requisite subjects.  
  • Prerequisite subjects, including English, should be presented at Senior Year/Grade 12 level or AP/IB.  
  • Calculus Prerequisite: Any of the following will satisfy the Calculus prerequisite if completed in Grade 11 or Grade 12/Senior level subject: 
    • Calculus 12  
    • AP Calculus (AB or BC) 
    • IB Mathematics HL or SL (for students who completed the IB diploma up to 2021) 
    • IB Math Analysis & Approached SL and HL 
    • IB Math Applications & Interpretations HL  
    • Half credit in college or university Calculus course 
  • Note: Pre-Calculus will not meet the Math requirement for admission to Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Computer Science or Rotman Commerce admission categories. AP Statistics does not provide the appropriate preparation
  • Within these admission categories, some programs of study may require additional high school subjects as prerequisites for specific courses in first year or for entry into a specific program in second year.   
  • Supplemental applications are required for admission to the Computer Science and Rotman Commerce admission categories. 
  • SAT, AP and ACT scores should be sent to us electronically. The University of Toronto's SAT and AP institution code is 0982 and our ACT institution code is 5366.
  • Detailed information on completing your application is available on our How to Apply page.
  • Test optional assessment has been adopted for students applying for Fall 2024 admission.  

Students who cannot or choose not to submit test results will not be disadvantaged in the admissions process; however, students who have written SAT or ACT tests previously, and wish to have these considered in their assessment, are encouraged to submit their scores. We recognize that students who submit SAT or ACT results may have experienced interruptions in their preparations for these tests, and that testing opportunities have been (and continue to be) limited in many locations. Results will be considered in this context. 

*The admission requirements listed below are recommendations. Meeting these minimums does not guarantee admission. 

**Where Grade 12 required grades are in progress or not available, we will consider Grade 11 (junior level) grades in prerequisite courses for early offers of admission.

Admission Category Required High School Courses Recommended Admission Range* Recommended Range for Required High School Courses**
Computer Science  English, Calculus  Low 90s English – high 80s
Calculus – low 90s
Humanities  English Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s
Life Sciences  English, Calculus  Mid to high 80s English – mid to high 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Mathematical and Physical Sciences  English, Calculus  Mid to high 80s English – mid to high 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Rotman Commerce  English, Calculus  Mid to high 80s   English – high 80s
Calculus – high 80s
Social Sciences  English Mid to high 80s English – mid to high 80s

Admission Decisions

  • Some of our admission categories may fill up early. Preference is given to students with the best overall qualifications, with emphasis on the results of the most recent two years of study, including marks in prerequisite courses, and the strength of the supplemental application, where applicable.
  • If you selected the Computer Science or Rotman Commerce admission categories, you will have the option of selecting a second admission category for consideration on the JOIN U of T portal. Selecting a second admission category does not affect eligibility for your first-choice category. Admission is subject to space availability and will be evaluated after all first-choice applicants have been considered. Please note: Choosing an alternate admission category does not guarantee admission to your second-choice program.  

Transfer Credit

  • If you have taken any AP subjects with a final score of at least 4 is achieved, you are eligible to receive transfer credits for first-year course equivalents.
  • If you have taken any IB HL subjects, you are eligible to receive transfer credits for first-year course equivalents for Higher Level (HL) subject where a final grade of at least 5 is achieved.  
  • No transfer credit is awarded for Standard Level (SL) exams. 

English Language Proficiency

College Selection

When submitting your application, you will be required to submit your top 3 college rankings.  

If you plan to use US Direct Loan programs (through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and 529 College Savings Plans to fund your studies, please exclude the following colleges from your selection as they are ineligible for the funding: 

  • St. Michael’s College 
  • Trinity College 
  • Victoria College 

If you have concerns or believe you may be affected by this issue, please contact our office at recruit.artsci@utoronto.ca or 416-978-3384.