How Graduate Funding Works in A&S

The Faculty of Arts & Science provides funding to graduate units to support students and sets broad policies for graduate funding, including the establishment of base funding levels.

For 2022–23, the base amount will be $19,000 for most units and $19,500 for the Sciences. Graduate units can distribute up to 5 years of doctoral-stream funding between Master’s and PhD programs. More information on which programs and years of study are funded is provided in the Funding Graduate Unit webpage.

In A&S, graduate students are expected to fund their graduate studies by applying for major scholarships and by seeking out Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant opportunities. If income from these sources is lower than the A&S base funding package, students receive additional funds in the form of University of Toronto Fellowships (UTF).

See detailed description of image below.
The table above illustrates the composition of funding packages for domestic students in the Sciences with various high value awards, compared to a funding package for a student without an award, in 2022–23. It shows that high value awards replace the base funding package and that awardees receive TA income (subject to availability and acceptance by the student) and UTF-top ups above the package.  For students who do not have high value awards, the package consists of TA income, RA income and sufficient UTF funds to ensure that they receive the A&S base funding package. Many graduate units provide enhanced funding packages using department and supervisor resources.

Components of the Base Funding Package

While the A&S base funding package consists of a base amount and tuition and fees, totalling $27,055 for most units ($27,555 Sciences) in 2022–23, how that base amount is achieved varies by department and by student. The following are the main components of funding packages:

  • External Awards: e.g. SSHRC, NSERC, OGS, CONNACyT, Vector
  • TA-ship: $7,869 is the maximum TA income included
  • RA-ship: may take the form of stipendiary or hourly RA-ships
  • Other Paid Experience: training opportunities related to the program of study
  • University of Toronto Fellowships: stipend or tuition award
  • Other Awards: e.g. A&S restricted awards, departmental awards
  • University of Toronto Fellowship Top-ups: provided above the base package, for students with high-value scholarships or award applicants

All students receive the Faculty of Arts & Science Base Funding Package. However, the package total may vary depending on the sector and may exceed the A&S base funding level depending upon the following factors:

  • Which department the student is in — the base amount is higher in the Sciences.
  • Campus affiliation fees — St George fees are provided by default unless the student has either (a) affiliated with UTM prior to the issuance of funding letters in September or (b) or formally switched campus affiliation and notified the Graduate Administrator by October 31st.
  • The availability of TA opportunities in the department.
  • Research funding held by faculty which can be used for RA-ships.
  • The availability of awards and endowments.
  • Competitive offer type awards made by departments.
  • Other departmental top-ups or enhancements.