Research Impact

The Faculty of Arts & Science is a research powerhouse in each of the faculty’s three major sectors: humanities, sciences and social sciences. As a Faculty of Arts and Science, the breadth of research in this division is extraordinary and unlike most other research institutions in Canada.

Arts & Science continues to be successful by any research metric, including scholarly contributions, publications and citations, technological innovations and awards and honours. Every day, we push the boundaries of knowledge to understand and improve life, explore and examine the world around us and beyond, and work to uncover ancient clues that may hold important lessons for our future. 

Strategic Research Plan 2023–2028

Informed by consultations across the faculty, the A&S Strategic Research Plan (SRP) serves as a companion document to the A&S Academic Plan, providing a roadmap for research over the next five years (2023–2028) to ensure we are advancing our collective research vision and goals in the faculty.

A&S Strategic Research Plan

Research Report 2022–23

Awards & Distinctions

Research excellence is a cornerstone of the Faculty of Arts & Science. Faculty members regularly win top international and national awards, as well as prizes, research fellowships and elected memberships.

We take pride in a legacy of innovation and discovery that has changed the way we think about the world. Our research responds to society’s most pressing social, economic and environmental questions and improve the quality of life for today and tomorrow.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Arts & Science researchers are actively engaged in partnerships with industry, governments and non-governmental organizations in the hopes of meeting social, economic and environmental challenges and opportunities. Researchers translate discovery-based research and innovations into technology transfers through disclosures, licenses, patents and start-ups.

Research Supports & Services

Arts & Science provides guidance and resources to support researchers through the external grant submission process. We also recently introduced new programs to enhance research capabilities and expand success into new areas. For example, our tri-council bridge funding program matches unit contributions to researchers who are not successful in grant competitions. The program is designed to allow researchers to continue their work and become more competitive on their next application.

Research Support Services