First-Year Opportunities

When you are a first-year student in the Faculty of Arts & Science, you open the door to many amazing academic opportunities. Large-scale lectures offer a dynamic experience and can be supported with tutorials or labs. Smaller, more intimate courses can help you build relationships with professors and peers early on in your academic career.

Explore all of your academic opportunities. Your college registrar's office is here to help if you have any questions!


First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs)

First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs or "flicks") are small groups of first-year students who have several classes in common. FLCs provide students with the skills and resources to make their transition to university a success. 

Students in FLCs meet bi-weekly with 25 peers registered in the same courses and labs for academic, developmental and social activities facilitated by senior students and with the guidance of faculty and staff advisors. FLCs provides students with the skills and resources to be successful in their university studies, while also helping them to form friendships, maintain a healthy life balance and explore the campus and the city of Toronto.


First-Year Foundations Ones Programs

First-Year Foundations Ones Programs combine one or more small-group, theme-based courses with co-curricular events (e.g. guest lectures) and experiential learning opportunities. All seven colleges and the Munk School of Global Affairs offer distinctive first-year programs to help with the transition to university. These programs focus on developing critical thinking, speaking and writing skills and an atmosphere that allows you to develop close relationships with fellow classmates and instructors.


First-Year Foundation Seminars

First-Year Foundation Seminars enable new students to engage in academically rigorous discussions and develop strong written, oral and teamwork skills in the process. Small classes help ensure that all students are active participants in discussions and have the opportunity to build relationships with professors early in their academic career. First-Year Foundation Seminars are not required for entrance to any Program of Study. However, they may count towards your Program. Please check with your college registrar for further details.