The College System

Every Arts & Science student on the St. George campus belongs to a college – a friendly and supportive community of students and scholars within the Faculty of Arts & Science. The college system dates back to the University’s earliest days and is at the heart of the Arts & Science experience. Whether you live in residence or commute to campus, you will have access to the many services provided by your college, including:  

  • Academic and personal support
  • Learning and writing support
  • Accommodation for students living in residence
  • Social programming, events and orientations
  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Library services

Many students find that their college is one of the most important factors in their university experience. When you apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science, you will be asked to select your college membership preferences. They are all good choices. Read on to learn more about the colleges. 

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About the Colleges

While all seven colleges provide the same core services, they each have their own distinct histories, cultures and traditions. Discover what makes each of the seven colleges unique.

Learn about the colleges

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Selecting Your College  

Learn more about the college membership process and what factors to consider when selecting your college membership preferences on your Arts & Science application.

Learn about college membership 

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Academic and Personal Support

Each of the seven colleges offers a wealth of resources to help you achieve academic and personal success. 

Learn about academic and personal support

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Co-Curriculars & Student Governance

Co-curricular activities are your opportunity to explore your interests, learn new skills and make friends. Learn about the opportunities offered by each college to get involved beyond the classroom.

Learn about co-curriculars and student governance

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Many undergraduate students find a home in one of the seven college-affiliated residences. If you plan to live on campus, explore the housing options offered by each of the seven colleges.   

Learn about living in residence


College Websites