Health & Safety

The Faculty of Arts & Science is dedicated to keeping our employees safe. We work with administrative leaders to develop a strong health and safety culture across their units.

To learn more about how we foster safety awareness and best practices, as well as the many health and safety resources here for you, please see the links below.

First Aid

As a manager, you’ll need to ensure your employees have easy access to a first-aid station and designate an employee who is trained to provide first aid.

Workplace Injuries

In the event of an accident, you must:

Note: If the accident is serious or if anyone is critically injured, contact Environmental Health & Safety immediately at 416-978-4467. Do not remove or disturb any equipment - the scene will need to be secured.

Health & Safety Training

When you’re developing training plans for your staff, be sure to review the training matrices available on the Environmental Health & Safety website:

Health & Safety Regulations

Need Assistance?

If you have any health and safety concerns, contact Christine Weidner, Health & Safety Advisor, Faculty of Arts & Science/Office of Environmental Health & Safety at 416-978-8321 or or a Joint Health & Safety Committee member.