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Data Sciences

The Data Sciences Institute is advancing data sciences as a field, powering entirely new areas of inquiry, preparing the next generation of researchers to make breakthroughs and solving some of society’s most complex and pressing problems.

Toronto's busy Yonge and Dundas intersection

School of

The School of Cities is developing and implementing ideas that empower cities to work more effectively and equitably. A living laboratory, the School leverages urban data and lived experience to improve policy and decision-making.

A close-up of a young person with a loudspeaker at a protest, a crowd behind them

Centre for Democracy & Public Leadership

Housed at the renowned Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, the Centre for Democracy & Public Leadership will provide an urgent response to restoring the foundations of democracy and advancing the future of democratic societies.

Solar panels on a U of T rooftop

School of the

Committed to delivering outstanding academic programming, the School of the Environment is creating the experts of tomorrow who will understand and develop solutions for the environmental crisis.

A field in the Koffler Scientific Reserve, with a subdivision visible in the background

Koffler Scientific

Our Koffler Scientific Reserve, a research gem just northwest of Toronto, is advancing significant knowledge on how the world is changing and what this means for wildlife and landscapes.

A rendering of the Academic Wood Tower

Wood Tower

An instantly iconic new hub for students, faculty and thought leaders, the Academic Wood Tower will set a global precedent for eco-friendly architecture and provide space for collaboration.

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