Other International Schools

General Admission Requirements

  • Applicants from other international schools should access the Future U of T website for detailed information on the admission requirements.
  • Within our admission categories, some programs of study may require additional high school subjects as prerequisites for specific courses in first year or for entry into a specific program in second year.
  • Supplemental applications are required for admission to the Computer Science and Rotman Commerce admission categories.

*The admission requirements listed below are recommendations. Meeting these minimums does not guarantee admission.

Admission Category Required High School Courses Recommended Admission Range* Recommended Range for Required High School Courses
Computer Science  English, Calculus  Low 90s English – high 80s
Calculus – low 90s
Humanities  English Low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s
Life Sciences  English, Calculus  Mid to high 80s English – mid to high 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Mathematical and Physical Sciences  English, Calculus  Mid to high 80s English – mid to high 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Rotman Commerce  English, Calculus  Mid to high 80s   English – high 80s
Calculus – high 80s
Social Sciences  English Mid to high 80s English – mid to high 80s

Admission Decisions

  • Detailed information on completing your application is available on our How to Apply page.
  • If you selected the Computer Science or Rotman Commerce admission categories, you will have the option of selecting a second admission category for consideration on the JOIN U of T portal. Selecting a second admission category does not affect eligibility for your first-choice category. Admission is subject to space availability and will be evaluated after all first-choice applicants have been considered. Please note: Choosing an alternate admission category does not guarantee admission to your second-choice program.  

English Language Proficiency

  • If your first language is not English, you may need to take an English Language Test and/or be required to present proof of English facility.