Appeals, Standing & Admissions Committees

Committee on Standing

This committee applies regulations governing standing in the Faculty's courses and the undergraduate programs. It examines recommendations from Departments concerning a student’s standing in specific courses and considers all “petitions”. Note: If a particular petition requires a policy decision, the Chair of the Committee will submit the details of the case, without the name of the student, to the Council. It may recommend to the Arts & Science Council changes in policy and regulation.

Academic Appeals Board

The Academic Appeals Board considers appeals against decisions of the respective Committee on Standing and other Committees relating to petitions from students for exemptions from the application of academic regulations or of academic standards. (The Committee on Standing must consider a case twice before it can be appealed to the Board. An appeal must be launched as soon as possible and no later than 90 days after the second decisions). In appeals involving specific courses, the Academic Appeals Board of the division where the course is being offered shall resume jurisdiction of the case. Their respective decisions are final, but they may be appealed within 90 days to the Academic Appeals Committee of the Governing Council.

Committee on Admissions

The Committee on Admissions considers all issues related to undergraduate admission requirements and undergraduate admissions policy in the Faculty of Arts & Science, including such matters as, for instance, admission standards for students from outside Ontario, admission of students from other Faculties in the University of Toronto, transfer credits, policy on college admissions and the possibility of appeals against non-admissions.