Awards & Scholarships

As an Arts & Science student, you have access to a variety of funding opportunities offered by the University of Toronto and its faculties, colleges and academic divisions. These student awards (scholarships and grants) recognize academic excellence, and may also consider financial need, community involvement, leadership, creativity and other qualities.

Explore the types of awards available to Arts & Science students below. To learn more, and to browse the full list of awards available to future and current U of T students, visit Award Explorer.

Admission Awards

Students are automatically considered for a variety of admission awards when they apply to the University, while other awards require students to complete a separate application or awards profile. Learn more about admission awards.  

In-course Awards

After first year, students are eligible for in-course awards, which are awarded to students who are excelling in their studies. Top students will automatically be considered for most of these awards, however, some opportunities do require applications. Some awards consider financial need as well as academic merit. 

Faculty of Arts & Science Awards

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers over 500 awards to undergraduate students. These include:

College Awards

Each college offers awards based on leadership, merit and other criteria. Visit the awards page within each college for more details:

Other Awards and Scholarships

  • Academic departments: Most academic departments offer awards for undergraduate students. Visit your departmental website or speak to an advisor for help with department awards. 
  • Graduate awards: View a list of major graduate awards on the School of Graduate Studies website.
  • Awards to study abroad: In addition to the international and research awards listed above and in Award Explorer, the Centre for International Experience coordinates a variety of awards to help students study abroad.