Membership Process


November - January

Select your college preferences on your OUAC application


February (deadlines vary)

Complete a supplementary applicant profile if you selected Trinity or Victoria College


March - June

Discover your college membership when you receive your Faculty of Arts & Science offer of admission


Selecting Your College

When you apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science, you will be asked on your Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) application to select your college membership preferences. They are all good choices. In ordering your choices you may wish to consider: location, residence type and space, size of membership, architecture, religious affiliation, family tradition, choices made by your friends or any other factors that appeal to you. 
You will find out which college membership you have been assigned to when you receive your offer of admission in early spring. Though you are not guaranteed your first college preference, you will feel at home in whichever college community you are a member of. 
The colleges house a number of academic programs. No matter which college you belong to, you will have access to all courses and programs offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science. You don't have to be a member of a particular college to access college-sponsored programs. College affiliation does not restrict academic choice. 

Application Requirements

College membership is based on your selected preferences, admission average and admission category. In addition, the following colleges have further application requirements you will want to consider when selecting your college preferences:

Innis College

  • All applicants must indicate Innis College as their first college preference

Trinity College

Victoria College

  • Domestic applicants must indicate Victoria College as their first college preference
  • International applicants will be considered if Vic is ranked as first, second or third on your application
  • Ontario high school students must complete a Victoria College applicant profile
  • Out-of-province and international students are encouraged to complete an applicant profile


Please note: New College, St. Michael's College, University College and Woodsworth College do not have additional college application requirements.