English Language Learning (ELL) Program

The Faculty of Arts & Science English Language Learning (ELL) Program works with faculty to embed English language development into credit courses. ELL faculty members can help you design unobtrusive ways to improve students’ scholarly reading as well as academic speaking and writing. ELL has been doing this successfully in a variety of Arts & Science departments since 2011. Assessments show benefits for students, TAs, faculty and administrators.  

In addition to supporting instructors and TAs, the ELL program also offers free, non-credit language instruction directly to undergraduate students. Program activities are appropriate for students whose first language is not English, as well as native speakers. The ELL program takes a holistic approach, encouraging students to immerse themselves in English and improve their reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking and listening.

Some of the activities that the program offers to students include:

  • Mini-Courses: short, non-credit courses that take place over a period of three or five days.
  • Communication Cafés: a series of workshops to help students practice speaking and oral presentations.
  • Reading eWriting: a series of emails students write to an ELL-trained writing centre instructor that strengthens the speed and ease of reading and reasoning.
  • Resources for students: include effective academic reading, listening and writing strategies.

More detailed information about the ELL program offerings for students are available on the Arts & Science ELL student information page.

Teaching Resources

The following includes teaching resources for multilingual students:

If you would like to learn more about the ELL program or discuss ways to embed English language development into your courses or academic program, please contact Leora Freedman, ELL Coordinator (leora.freedman@utoronto.ca).