International Student Experience Fund (ISEF)

The Office of the Vice-President – International, has released the 2020-21 call-for-proposals for the International Student Experience Fund (ISEF). This Fund supports curricular and co-curricular initiatives that: enhance the experience of international students; foster intercultural engagement between international students and all members of the University community; and internationalize the University student experience. Please note that ISEF does not support travel expenses or initiatives that are designed to send students abroad.

ISEF supports two streams of funding, with the following timelines:

Stream Funding Amount ISEF Timeline A&S Internal Timeline
Seed Grants $5,000 – $15,000 per year, for up to 3 years Accepted on an ongoing basis See detailed process below.
Impact Grants $15,000 – $60,000 per year, for up to 2 years

Accepted once a year in a two-stage application process. 

Step 1: Applicants submit an initial letter of intent by Friday, October 15, 2021.

Step 2: Selected candidates will be invited by ISEF to submit full proposals by Friday, January 14, 2022.

See detailed process below.

Important Note: In the Faculty of Arts & Science, Seed Grants require Decanal review and Impact Grants require written Decanal support.

Arts & Science Support and Process

Arts & Science faculty, staff and units who wish to apply for an ISEF Seed or Impact Grant are asked to follow the internal Arts & Science process outlined in the tables below. The goal of this process is to provide feedback and support to enhance the quality of proposals.

During the review process, we will work with applicants to:

  • Strategize and help align their project with A&S priorities, departmental goals, project goals, and ISEF criteria;
  • Develop a detailed budget and project timeline;
  • Provide editorial feedback on their draft proposal; and
  • Connect applicants to key staff and faculty members who can further support their project.

If you have any questions about the Arts & Science ISEF Seed or Impact grant process, or have an idea for a teaching and learning initiative and would like to discuss whether it might be appropriate for ISEF (or another funding opportunity), please contact Alex Logue, Faculty Liaison Coordinator, Pedagogical Support,

Detailed Internal A&S Process

Seed Proposal Process Timeline

Please contact Alex Logue, Faculty Liaison Coordinator, Pedagogical Support, in advance of preparing an ISEF Seed grant proposal, providing a brief description of the proposed project, to ensure project will meet ISEF guidelines.

Following finalization of proposal based on feedback from the Office of the Dean, applicant(s) submit final proposal online.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis


Impact Proposal Process Timeline
Applicants submit a letter of intent to Alex Logue, Faculty Liaison Coordinator, Pedagogical Support, for review by the Office of the Dean.  By Friday, September 24
The Office of the Dean will review and provide feedback to applicants. By Friday, October 1
Following feedback from the Office of the Dean, applicants submit letter of intent online to ISEF. By Friday, October 15
If your letter of intent is successful and ISEF invites you to submit a full proposal, please submit full draft proposal to Alex Logue, Faculty Liaison Coordinator, Pedagogical Support, for preparation of a letter of support. By Friday, December 18
The Office of the Dean will provide a letter of support. By Wednesday, January 12
Applicants submit final proposals online to ISEF. Friday, January 14


ISEF Application Documents

ISEF has a template for the main proposal document and budget. These documents are available on the ISEF website, under the Apply section. Please use the relevant ISEF template file to draft your letter of intent, proposal and budget.