Learning & Education Advancement Fund (LEAF)

The Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education has launched the 2019-20 round of proposals for the Learning & Education Advancement Fund (LEAF) This Fund supports projects that anticipate, leverage, and create positive changes in both the modes and mechanisms of undergraduate education.

LEAF supports two streams of funding, with the following timelines:

  • Seed grants ($5,000 – $15,000 per year, for a max. of 3 years) are accepted on an ongoing basis. Seed grants are intended to encourage experimentation at the local level (within a course or set of courses), as a means to foster small-scale innovations or pilots with the potential for scalability.
  • Impact grants ($15,000 – $100,000 per year, for a max. of 3 years) are accepted once a year. The 2019-20 application deadline is Friday, November 8, 2019. Impact grants are designed to support large-scale projects with the potential to significantly enhance core elements of undergraduate education within or across academic units and divisions.
  • In the Faculty of Arts & Science, Seed grants require Decanal review. Impact grants require written Decanal support.

Arts & Science Process

Faculty, staff and units who wish to apply for a LEAF Impact or Seed grant are asked to follow the  Arts & Science process outlined in the tables. The goal of this process is to provide feedback and support to enhance the quality of proposals.

If you have any questions about the Arts & Science LEAF Impact or Seed grants process, or have an idea for a teaching and learning initiative and would like to discuss whether it might be appropriate for LEAF, please contact Thuy Huynh, Teaching & Learning Project Coordinator at 416-946-3890 or thuy.huynh@utoronto.ca.

Refer to these lists of LEAF grantees for examples of previously funded projects.

LEAF Seed Proposal Process


LEAF Impact Proposal Process

No later than Tuesday, September 3 Applicants submit a statement of interest to the Teaching & Learning Project Coordinator, the statement of interest outlines the focus, goals and outcomes of the potential proposal, lists the units/primary collaborators and provide a preliminary budget (1-2 pages). These statements will be used to connect units working on similar projects and to provide feedback to units to assist them in the development of their proposals.
By Friday, September 13 The Office of the Dean will review statements of interest and provide feedback to units.
Friday, October 4 If your statement of interest is successful, submit draft proposals to Thuy Huynh for review by the Office of the Dean.  Please follow the application process and download and complete the proposal template listed on the LEAF application page.
By Friday, October 18 The Office of the Dean will review proposals and provide feedback to units.
Friday, November 1 Submit final proposals to Thuy Huynh for review by the Office of the Dean.
By Thursday, November 7 The Office of the Dean will send Decanal letters of support to applicants.
Friday, November 8

Applicants submit final proposals online to LEAF.