Writing-Integrated Teaching (WIT)

Writing-Integrated Teaching (WIT) is an award-winning Arts & Science program that helps instructors and academic units embed discipline-specific writing instruction into undergraduate courses and programs. WIT facilitates:

  • Development of writing goals for students at both the course and undergraduate-program level.
  • Creation of assignments that support student writing development.
  • Discussion on how to incorporate writing-to-learn (low-stakes writing) into courses.
  • Mentorship and training for course TAs that contribute to teaching of undergraduate writing.

Funding Support

WIT funding can support the hiring and employment of a Lead Writing TA (LWTA). WIT can also fund hours for other course TAs to support students’ writing through providing feedback on writing assignments, as well as integrating writing instruction into labs, tutorials and office hours.

To learn more about the WIT program and discuss ways to include writing instruction into course(s) and/or academic programs, or to applying for funding, contact Dr. Andrea L. Williams, (al.williams@utoronto.ca), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream and WIT Director.