Writing-Integrated Teaching (WIT)

Writing-Integrated Teaching is an award-winning Arts & Science program that helps instructors and academic units embed discipline-specific writing instruction into undergraduate courses and programs.

The program follows Writing Across the Curriculum scholarship, advocating for writing instruction tailored to the disciplinary norms and genres that undergraduate students are learning in their programs.

Unit-Level Support for Writing Pedagogy

As a program, WIT helps undergraduate academic units in Arts & Science:

  • develop writing goals for undergraduate students at both the course and program level;
  • create assignments and rubrics that support student writing development and learning of course content;
  • incorporate learning-to-write and writing-to-learn activities into courses;
  • mentor and train teaching assistants to improve the teaching of writing at the undergraduate level.

Funding for Additional TA Support

To support these activities, the program provides participating academic units with additional funding to

  1. hire a Lead Writing Teaching Assistant (LWTA) to support course instructors and teaching assistants in the unit, and
  2. increase the contract hours for teaching assistants (TAs) to undertake WIT-related work (e.g., receive additional training and develop resources for WIT-designated courses).

To learn more about the WIT program, contact wit@utoronto.ca or visit the Writing-Integrated Teaching SharePoint site.