Postdoctoral Studies in Arts & Science

The Faculty of Arts & Science is the perfect place for launching your academic career with a postdoctoral fellowship. Every day, researchers in the Faculty push the boundaries of knowledge to understand and improve life, explore and examine the world around us and beyond and work to uncover ancient clues that may hold important lessons for our future.

As a research powerhouse in each of the Faculty’s three major sectors — humanities, sciences and social sciences — Arts & Science is home to several hundred postdoctoral fellows each year.

For more information on Arts & Science and University of Toronto-funded Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs, including application forms and deadlines, please visit the Arts & Science research funding page.

For additional details on how to secure a postdoctoral fellowship, and the types of institutional supports and services offered to postdoctoral fellows at the University of Toronto, please visit the School of Graduate Studies Postdoctoral Fellows Portal.