Academic Retreats

The Faculty of Arts & Science supports Departments, EDU-As, EDU-Bs, and Colleges to engage in short and long-term planning for their units, including undergraduate and graduate curricula and programs of study. In particular, assistance is available for academic retreats, which provide dedicated time for collective discussion about:

  • University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP) reviews or academic planning following a UTQAP review.
  • Current opportunities and challenges a unit may experience, for example, shifts in faculty research, teaching interests or student enrolment.
  • Review of ongoing strengths for programs and new directions to pursue, which can include, faculty-wide initiatives in research-intensive teaching, experiential learning or First-Year Foundations.
  • Exploration of ongoing or potential connections with other A&S units.
  • Faculty development and pedagogical exploration.

Plan an Academic Retreat

Resource Guides

Funding Support

Funding is available to support logistical expenses associated with planning and running a retreat. Units may request up to $5,000 of matching funds once every 3 years. Funding will be transferred to units after the retreat has taken place and expenses have been submitted to Alex Logue, Assistant Director, Teaching & Learning Initiatives.