International Opportunities

International Exchange Programs

In the Faculty of Arts & Science, you are encouraged to participate in the international and Canadian exchanges offered through the Centre for International Experience.

With over 150 partner universities in 40 countries around the world, you can experience new cultures and languages in an academic setting while earning credits towards your U of T degree.

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers Summer Abroad experiences across the globe, which allow you to complete one full-year course in 3-6 weeks.

Location sites include Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas. Some examples of Summer Abroad experiences include:

  • Studying the Australian environment, wildlife and conservation (Environment course in Australia)
  • Consulting on micro-enterprises (Rotman Commerce course in Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Learning about the imperial pasts, wars and revolutions of central Europe (History course in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland)



    Research Excursions

    Research Excursions provide you with the opportunity to earn course credit while participating in faculty research outside of the campus environment. Opportunities are available in Canada and internationally and take the form of research/learning in archives, laboratories, libraries, or in a field camp, etc.

    Recently, Arts & Science students explored the rich heritage and promising future of Tblisi, Georgia during their International Course Module

    Joint Minors

    Joint minor programs with the National University of Singapore enable students to study selected courses at NUS and apply them as credit towards a minor. The joint minor programs are: Asian Geographies, Asian Literatures and Cultures, Biology, and Nanoscience.

    International or Indigenous Course Modules (ICM)

    Many courses are enriched through international field trips from which you can experience first-hand the phenomena, cultures, key events or unique natural settings they have been studying in class. Travel to destinations in Europe, Central America and the United States during reading week with your professor and other students in your class. By sending students to various locations, the ICM program provides a context in a way that no classroom discussion can.