Other Applicants

Part-Time Studies

Most programs in the Faculty of Arts & Science enable you to complete a degree on a part-time basis.

Part-time students can take courses during the day and evening (when available), but are enrolled in fewer courses per academic session.

The admission requirements are the same as for full-time students. To see if you meet our admission requirements, please click on the appropriate level of education on the menu at the left.


Non-Degree Studies

Non-degree studies is for those with previous university experience who wish to upgrade their university record to qualify for graduate school, a professional program, or for personal interest.  Non-degree students enrol in credit courses, for which they have the prerequisites, but are not proceeding towards a degree.


Visiting Students

If you are a student at a North American university and want to take Arts & Science courses on the St. George campus for credit towards your degree at your home university, you should contact the Woodsworth College, Visiting Students Program.

Students who wish to take courses during the Summer session (May – August) on the St. George campus for credit toward a degree from a university outside of North America should contact Woodsworth College, International Summer Program.

If you are an overseas student and wish to take Arts & Science courses during the Fall/Winter session for credit toward your degree, you can apply for Non-Degree studies. You should also contact the Centre for International Experience to determine if there is an exchange agreement between the University of Toronto and your home university.


Mature Students

The University of Toronto considers applicants based on their academic background, regardless of age. To see if you meet our admission requirements, select the appropriate category from the menu on the left.

If you do not meet the admission requirements you may qualify for various humanities and social science programs through either the Academic Bridging Program or the Transitional Year Program. Please note that if you have already attempted degree studies, you are not eligible for these programs.

Academic Bridging Program

  • The Academic Bridging Program is intended for Canadian citizens/permanent residents/protected persons (convention refugees) who do not hold the published admission requirements to qualify for degree studies.
  • Detailed information, including applications and deadlines for the Academic Bridging Program is available through the Academic Bridging Program office at Woodsworth College.

Transitional Year Programme (TYP)

  • TYP is designed for those who could not finish high school because of financial problems, family difficulties or other circumstances beyond their control. It is a one-year, full-time program leading to admission into an Arts & Science degree program. Detailed information is available through Transitional Year Programme.