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Yosh Halberstam’s research is the first large-scale study of voice in the context of work. Photo: Diana Tyszko.
Professor Michelle Murphy is the director of the University of Toronto’s Technoscience Research Unit and a professor of history and women and gender studies. Photo: Perry King.
Messaging icons in front of people walking
A logo for lower case truth, with red and black text.
“Change is threatening for many people, and the only way you address that is by bringing them into the conversation,” says Steve Easterbrook, director of U of T’s School of the Environment. Photo: Hazel Ho.
Two men working in 60s style cublicles
Carved Coat of Arms at UC.
CRAM logo.
Undergraduate student Cole Brookson with Brianna Lane (left) and Anna Meng (right), who he mentored through the EEB Peer Mentorship Program, a new initiative that connects second-year students with a third-, fourth- or fifth-year student to provide guidan
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