Social Sciences

From left: Consul General of France, Mark Trouyet, associate professors Ron Levi and Paul Cohen and Brigitte Proucelle, cultural, education and sciences adviser at the French Consulate
CIFAR researcher headshots
Third-year student Daria Mancino presented her research into Holocaust survivor testimonies to her class
abstract traffic scene
James Reilly
A freeze-frame from Joshua Steckley's video, including cows filmed in black-and-white
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Hundreds of people came to listen to the ideas of University of Toronto researchers at the CRAM festival on Friday evening. All photos: Nick Iwanyshyn.
(From left) Regent Park resident Samira Abdi is working on a multimedia project with U of T students Sayem Khan and Lena Sanz Tovar. Photo: Romi Levine.
Professor Michelle Murphy is the director of the University of Toronto’s Technoscience Research Unit and a professor of history and women and gender studies. Photo: Perry King.