A group of small ants on a branch with bright green leaves.
A field of soy bean plants on Walpole Island in southwestern Ontario entirely overrun by common water hemp.
Brendan Frey presenting in front of a screen at Elevate 2019
A close-up of fish being eaten on a dinner plate
Nicolas Côté, Rashad Brugmann and Nathan Postma in Trinity College's rooftop garden on the St. George campus
Caleb Lammers, Adam Glustein, Aidan Britnell and Tommy Moffat
An attendee holding up a smartphone to record the stage at Elevate 2019
An image
Clockwise from top left: U of T's University Professor Lynne Viola, PhD student Fahima Dossa, Professor Dwight Seferos and Professor Anita Anand
An illustration of a green and yellow Mollisonia plenovenatrix.