Garbage on the shore of Ward Island in Toronto
Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Benjamin Blencowe and Molly Shoichet
Photo of Shana Kelley
winners in two rows standing
Morgan Barense
Hundreds of people came to listen to the ideas of University of Toronto researchers at the CRAM festival on Friday evening. All photos: Nick Iwanyshyn.
U of T's new CIFAR chairs in artificial intelligence (clockwise from top left): David Fleet, Bo Wang, Alán Aspuru-Guzik and Daniel Roy
“Change is threatening for many people, and the only way you address that is by bringing them into the conversation,” says Steve Easterbrook, director of U of T’s School of the Environment. Photo: Hazel Ho.
abstract colourful letters
“It’s very nice that the group of us have been recognized as having a big impact,” said Geoffrey Hinton about the A.M. Turing Award. “It’s sort of an acceptance by the computer science community that this stuff isn’t crazy.”