Three A&S researchers receive honours from the American Geophysical Union

February 29, 2024 by A&S News

Three researchers from the Faculty of Arts & Science have received honours from the American Geophysical Union (AGU) for their outstanding contributions to Earth and space sciences.

Jonathan Abbatt 

Jonathan Abbatt headshotJonathan Abbatt presented the Jakob Bjerkness lecture at the union’s annual conference, AGU23, an honour recognizing his work as a leader in atmospheric research at the interface of chemistry and climate. Abbatt is a professor in the Department of Chemistry whose research group consists of analytical, environmental and physical chemists who study the chemistry of processes involved in environmental change on global and local scales.

Barbara Sherwood Lollar

Barbara Sherwood Lollar headshotBarbara Sherwood Lollar presented the Carl Sagan lecture at AGU23, an honour recognizing a scientist who embodies astronomer Carl Sagan’s interest in astrobiology and science communication. Sherwood Lollar is a University Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, cross-appointed with the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry. Her research has expanded both fundamental science and practical applications in environmental chemistry and geochemistry with profound implications for our understanding of the Earth, the chemistry of groundwater, planetary science and astrobiology.

Debra Wunch

Debra Wunch headshotDebra Wunch, an associate professor in the Department of Physics and a cross-appointed member of the School of the Environment, received the AGU’s Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award, which recognizes early- to mid-career researchers. Wunch’s leadership and scholarship have played a central role in enabling large space-based remote sensing efforts of greenhouse gases. She is making great strides to improve our understanding of greenhouse gases and the atmospheric and human processes that regulate their concentrations.

The American Geophysical Union is a diverse and inclusive global organization of half a million advocates and professionals in the Earth and space sciences. Its goal is to advance discovery and solution science through programs that include scholarly publishing, convening virtual and in-person events and providing career support.