Acceleration Consortium announces speakers and panelists appearing at inaugural Accelerate conference

July 28, 2022 by A&S News

The Acceleration Consortium at the University of Toronto has announced a preliminary list of speakers and panelists appearing at its inaugural Accelerate conference, running from August 30 to September 2, 2022.

Featuring leading materials scientists and machine learning specialists from across North America, Europe and Asia, Accelerate brings together researchers in academia, industry and government who are keen to be at the forefront of accelerated science. The conference provides a forum to exchange ideas, advance research and explore opportunities for collaboration related to materials and molecular discovery. Visit the Accelerate Conference website for the current list of confirmed speakers and panelists.

Accelerate is designed to showcase the latest methods, applications and research in accelerated materials and molecular discovery.

Through workshops and talks, posters and small group sessions, attendees will explore topics across three content tracks:

  • Fundamental discovery and leading-edge tools: Deep- and machine-learning algorithms for AI-aided experimental design, quantum-based materials simulations and optimized structure-function models, chemical synthesis and materials characterization, chemical ontologies and materials databases, and robotics and control systems.
  • Sustainable materials for a resilient world: Development of solid-state materials, sustainable soft materials, low-carbon structural materials, small-molecule drugs, etc.
  • Designing a translation ecosystem: Leadership in commercialization, training and education.

Registrants at Accelerate will:

  • Gain an increased awareness of the fundamentals and tools for accelerated discovery including machine learning, data analysis and modelling, and laboratory automation.
  • Discuss novel applications and discoveries in accelerated science including solid-state materials, sustainable soft materials, low-carbon structural materials, small molecule drugs, and more.
  • Explore innovative and collaborative approaches to research translation as it relates to commercialization, leadership, training and education.
  • Discuss societal implications of accelerated discovery, including legal, ethical and economic considerations.

Learn more and register

Visit the Accelerate conference website to learn more and register.