Innis College

A blue and white graphic that says, Honours & Awards.
Headshots of Amrita Brar, Hannah Guiang, Mailey Horner, Rion Levy, Sai Vipin Nikam, Josefina Novoa Reátegui, Anita Jyothi Sritharan and Theodosiya Zyla
Two white gloved hands and a magician wand over a top hat.
April Julian rolling dough.
Stacked newspapers
Sidney Smith Building.
Four profile images with Tapfuma Musewe, Rebecca Friedman, Priya Kalia and Marco Falco.
Profile pictures of Peng Leong, Hyacinth Khin, Madeleine Clark and Tapfuma Musewe.
Justin Reid.
Hayley Mckay.