Earth Sciences

John Polanyi at the George Ignatieff Theatre.
Ashley Reynolds holds the Smilodon fatalis metacarpal from Medicine Hat, AB.
A close-up of fish being eaten on a dinner plate
An illustration of a green and yellow Mollisonia plenovenatrix.
Three of this year's 52 winners of the Connaught New Researcher Award: Eliana Gonzales-Vigil, Shauna Sweeney and Jerry Flores.
U of T's Jean-Bernard Caron and Maydianne Andrade discuss the newly revealed fossils at the quarry site
Barbara Sherwood Lollar
Researchers found a grain of stardust (inset image) that survived the formation of our solar system. The carbon-rich graphite grain (red) revealed an embedded speck (blue) of oxygen-rich material.
CIFAR researcher headshots
An image