Earth Sciences

Cave city in volcanic rocks of uplifted Central Anatolian plateau.
Remnants of a crumpled office building in Mexico City after the earthquake
A scientist in a lab wearing a lab coat and gloves examines a glass jar
Predatory marine worm from the Cambrian period called a Capinatator
Tanya Kizovski is holding an iron-nickel meteorite and Sara Mazrouei is holding stony-iron meteorites.
ROM fossil
Joseph Moysiuk (left) and research supervisor Jean-Bernard Caron at the Burgess Shale fossil deposit.
A scientific illustration of Ovatiovermis cribratus
This illustration shows the hyolith Haplophrentis extending the tentacles of its feeding organ (lophophore) from between its shells.
Barbara Sherwood Lollar and Georges Lacrampe-Couloume