Faculty Profile: Samantha-Jo Caetano

Samantha-Jo Caetano

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Statistical Sciences

Samantha Caetano.Samantha-Jo Caetano is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in the Department of Statistical Sciences.

Caetano is passionate about statistical outreach and improving student mental health. She has hosted multiple statistical workshops, partnered with WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) for high school, undergraduate and graduate students. One of her recent workshops focused on the usage of relative risk to assess the point source of epidemiological outbreaks.

She completed her PhD at McMaster University in 2020 with research on measuring concordance of time-to-event models. She focused on validating models applied to cancer data. Over the last four years she has lectured and coordinated multiple large first- and second-year statistics courses at both the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

She is currently instructing Surveys, Sampling and Observational Data (STA304) with Professor Rohan Alexander, focusing the course on helping students develop their statistical analyses and communication skills.

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