Welcome New Faculty 2021-22

The Faculty of Arts & Science is proud to welcome and introduce our newest faculty members and recent appointments. These outstanding scholars represent combined excellence across the humanities, sciences and social sciences, and demonstrate the depth and breadth of the Faculty. Students will benefit from the fascinating range of expertise and experience they bring. Through the impact of their work, A&S will continue to pursue new strategies aimed at affirming our position as a global leader in cutting-edge research and seek new ways to push beyond the boundaries of human knowledge and experience.

Boris Babic.

Boris Babic

Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Statistical Sciences

Alexander Barnett.

Alexander Barnett

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Xin Bing.

Xin (Mike) Bing

Assistant Professor, Statistical Sciences

Paul Bloom.

Paul Bloom

Professor, Psychology

Tahohtharátye (Joseph Brant)

Tahohtharátye (Joseph Brant)

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Linguistics and Centre for Indigenous Studies

Karen Chapple.

Karen Chapple

Director, School of Cities
Professor, Geography & Planning

Katherine Daignault.

Katherine Daignault

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Statistical Sciences

Tarek Dika.

Tarek R. Dika

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Chris Fraser.

Christopher Fraser

Professor, Philosophy and East Asian Studies

Rahul Krishnan.

Rahul G. Krishnan

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Ania Harlick.

Anna Maria (Ania) Harlick

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Physics

Conrad James.

Conrad James

Associate Professor, Centre for Comparative Literature and New College

Taeho Kim.

Taeho Kim

Assistant Professor, Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources

Juna Kollmeier.

Juna Kollmeier

Director, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

Swastik Kopparty.

Swastik Kopparty

Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Benjamin Landon.

Benjamin Landon

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Shelley Lumba.

Shelley Lumba

Assistant Professor, Cell & Systems Biology

Mitchell Mcivor.

Mitchell McIvor

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Sociology

Eric Merkley.

Eric Merkley

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Caroline Parins Fukuchi

Caroline Parins-Fukuchi

Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

William Paris.

William Paris

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Angelica Perasini.

Angelica Pesarini

Assistant Professor, Italian Studies and Diaspora & Transnational Studies

Arafat Razzaque

Arafat A. Razzaque

Assistant Professor, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations 

Carolina Carvalho.

Carolina Sá Carvalho

Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Saraf Shubhangi.

Shubhangi Saraf

Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Scott Schwartz.

Scott Schwartz

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Statistical Sciences

Sadia Sharmin.

Sadia Sharmin

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Computer Science

Michael Stepner.

Michael Stepner

Assistant Professor, Economics

Nidhi Subramanyam.

Nidhi Subramanya

Assistant Professor, Geography & Planning

Andrei Swidinsky.

Andrei Swidinsky

Associate Professor, Earth Sciences

Nathan Vedal.

Nathan Vedal

Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies

Nicole Wu.

Nicole Wu

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Stan Yoshinobu.

Stan Yoshinobu

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Mathematics

Piotr Zweirnik.

Piotr Zwiernik

Associate Professor, Statistical Sciences