Faculty Profile: Jun Young Park

Jun Young Park

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistical Sciences and the Department of Psychology

Jun Young Park.Jun Young Park is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistical Sciences and the Department of Psychology.

Park is an applied statistician working primarily in the field of neuroimaging. He strives to provide new insights into understanding the mechanism of the human brain and its relationship with cognition and neurodegenerative diseases. He works on developing statistical methods for a wide range of biomedical sciences including neuroimaging (MRI/fMRI), behaviour genetics and cancer genomics. He is passionate about further expanding his area of research and, as an applied statistician, expects to contribute to science through collaborations with faculty, students and researchers.

Park was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and served in the South Korean military as a combat medic. Upon moving to the U.S., he completed his BA in mathematics and statistics at Carleton College and PhD in biostatistics at the University of Minnesota.

Recent publications include: Semiparametric modeling of time-varying activation and connectivity in task-based fMRI data, in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 2020; Integrative factorization of bi-dimensionally linked matrices, in Biometrics, 2020; and Adaptive SNP-set association testing in generalized linear mixed models with application to family studies, in Behavior Genetics, 2018.

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